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First shown: 12/4/88
Opening: Joel introduces the movie and plays a message from a happy caller.
Host segment 1: J&TB listen to messages from two more viewers. The first caller is angry about the "constant interruptions" (i.e, the riffing), but the second caller wants "More! More! More!" This segment appears on the MST3K Scrapbook tape.
Host segment 2: Gypsy gets upset when a caller asks for "less movie, more chapstick" (presumably, he meant to say "slapstick"wink.gif. The crew promises to use more chapstick in the future, and Joel offers Gypsy a choice between regular and wintergreen.
Host segment 3: Crow explains the best ways to keep various body orifices clean and healthy. "Never put anything in your ear larger than a pirate!"
End: Servo and Crow make prank phone calls to Domino's Pizza and Dan Quayle. Crow explains several uses for doggie-doo, and Joel invites viewers to call in with their comments.
Special Notes: This is the earliest KTMA episode that has been "found" by fans, and it's quite different from the later shows. The Mads have not yet appeared, and Josh's Servo speaks with a high-pitched "Kermit the Frog"-type squeak, very different from the laconic "seen-it done-it" voice he later adopted for the character.


(USA video release; 4/17/1966; Japan; NR; 101m)
a.k.a. GAMERA VERSUS BARUGON (variation)
a.k.a. DAI KAIJU KETO--GAMERA TAI BARUGON (original/Japan)
a.k.a. WAR OF THE MONSTERS (USA release)
a.k.a. GAMERA VS. BARAGON (typo)
Plot: In Gamera's second movie, a huge opal is really a monster's egg which hatches into a lizard-dog which Gamera fights...very briefly.

Exec: Masaichi Nagata*
(302-Gamera; 308-Gamera Vs. Gaos;
312-Gamera Vs. Guiron; 316-Gamera Vs. Zigra; Gamera Vs. Monster X)
Prod/USA: Sandy Frank
(*302/308/312/316; 306-Time of the Apes; 310-Fugitive Alien; 314-Mighty Jack;
318-Star Force; K21-Legend of the Dinosaur;
K11-Humanoid Woman)
Dir: Shigeo Tanaka (The Great Wall)
Pl: Yonejiro Saito (prod/302; Passion)
Scr: Fumi Takahashi (302/308/312/316; Gamera Vs. Monster X)
Scr: Nizo Takahashi
Cin: Michio Takahashi (Golden Demon; The Great Wall)
Ed: Tatsuji Nakashizu (302/30cool1.gif
SFX: Noriyaki Yuasa (dir/*302/312/316)
SFX Cos: Kazufumi Fujii (sfx/308/312/316)
SFX Cos/Barugon: Masao Yagi (30cool1.gif
Score: Chuji Kinoshita (The Panda and the Magic Serpent)

Super Turtle / Gamera (*302/308/312/316; Gamera Vs. Viras)
dog-lizard monster / Barugon*
Keisuke Hirata / Kojiro Hongo (308; Gamera Vs. Viras)
Onodera / Koji Fujiyama (302/308/316)
Professor Amano / Yoshiro Kitahara (302/308; Buddha)
Karen / Kyoko Enami (308; Kaze To Kumo Totoride)
Ichiro Hirata / Akira Natsuki (Darkside Blues)
Kawajiri / Yuzo Hayakawa (Gamera, Super Monster)
Dr. Matsushita / Ichiro Sugai (Odd Obsession; Sansho the Baliff)

Trivia: Born in 1906, MASAICHI NAGATA started producing films in Japan in 1924. In 1942, he formed the Daiei Production Company and became its president in 1947. The most famous of the films which he produced is 1950's Rashomon. Daiei Studios decided to produce the Gamera film series in response to their competitor Toho's successful Godzilla series. In 1971, Nagata purchased the Lotto Orions, a professional baseball team.

Daiei Studios based their monster BARUGON on rival Toho's BARAGON, which appeared in Frankenstein Conquers the World, released just a year earlier. The two monsters are somewhat similar looking, but they are not the same monster.

For the lyrics and their translation to the GAMERA THEME SONGS, see 312-GAMERA VS. GUIRON.

For more about Gamera, check out Gowen's Gamera Page.

Last Updated: 6/21/1999

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