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First shown: 9/6/97
Opening: Tom harmonizes his overtones with the fundamental
Intro: Servo's "fundamental" turns out to be pre-recorded; meanwhile "Apearlo" and "Brainguyus" settle in with a delighted Callipygeas and suspicious Flavia
Host segment 1: The manly beach dance is postponed because Mike's trunks are a bit small
Host segment 2: Apearlo & Brainguyus' jam becomes a beef commercial
Host segment 3: Tom's a newsy with very up-to-date news
End: M&TB sing "Sodium;" meanwhile as Callipygeas and Brainguyus bond, Apearlo and Flavia
Stinger: A less-than-manly beach dance


(4/1/1964; 1963; NR; 72m)
a.k.a. HORROR OF PARTY BEACH (variation)
a.k.a. INVASION OF THE ZOMBIES (working)
double-billed with CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE

Ad: "Weird! Horrifying! Fantastic!"

Ad: "Hear The Del-Aires Swing Out 6 Big Beat Songs!"

Gimmic Ad:
We will not permit you to see these shockers unless you agree
to release the theatre of all responsibility for death by fright!"
(Movie-goers had to sign a Fright Release before they entered the theater)

Plot: Radioactive waste spawns oceanic monsters, which interfere with teens' fun on the beach.

Prod: Alan V. Iselin (Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster)
Prod/Dir: Del Tenney (Curse of the Living Corpse; I Eat Your Skin)
Asst Dir: Wayne Tippit (also actor)
Scr/Cin/Ed: Richard L. Hilliard (dir/The Playground; Psychomania)
Scr: Ronald Gianettino and Lou Binder
Cin/Ed: Leonard De Munde
Ed: Gary Youngman (dir/scr/Rush It)
Ed: David Simpson and Mary Ann Miles
Cos: Dina Harris (also actor)
ADir: Robert Verberkmoes (pdes/Curse of the Living Corpse)
Sound Rec: Albert Gramaglia (Claudine)
Sound Rec: Daniel Aldridge
Music Dir: Bill Holcombe
Songs by The Del-Aires: Drag; Joyride; You Are Not A Summer Love; Elaine; Just Wigglin' and Wobblin'; The Zombie Stomp

Hank Green / John Scott (The Telltale Heart)
Elaine Gavin / Alice Lyon
Dr. Gavin / Allan Laurel
Eulabelle / Eulabelle Moore
Tina / Marilyn Clarke (Too Late Blues; Shadows)
Mike / Agustin Mayor
Lt. Wells / Damon Kebroyd
TV announcer / Munroe Wade
girls in car / Carol Grubman, Dina Harris, Emily Laurel
girls / Sharon Murphy, Diane Prizio
na / Wayne Tippit (TV's The X-Files: Jersey Devil)
themselves / Charter Oaks Motorcycle Club of Riverside, Conn.
member of The Del-Aires / Wilfred Holcombe
member of The Del-Aires / Ronnie Linares
member of The Del-Aires / Gary Robert Jones
member of The Del-Aires / Edward Earle

Classic Line: "It's the voodoo, all right."

Trivia: The East Coast tried to grab some of the sudden success of the West Coast's beach movies, when THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH was filmed in the Stamford, Connecticut area. In 1964, it was billed as the "First Horror Musical," but we MSTies know better....the similarly-hyped 812-THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES WHO STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED-UP ZOMBIES was released the year before.

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