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Van Doren meets Van Damme in DEATH WARRANT!!!

Ok, who's with me on a campaign for the release of a Director's Cut edition dvd with the deleted shower scene restored?

Happy New Year everyone!



First shown: 7/16/94
Opening: Preparing for Dr. F.'s big announcement
Intro: Dr. F. unveils the Umbilicus
Host segment 1: Tom "scats" until Mike and Crow have had enough
Host segment 2: Mike explains the "honor system"
Host segment 3: Designing the woman of the future
End: M&TB make good use of the Umbilicus
Stinger: "You tell that boy to go home right now, or I'll call the police!"


601 - GIRLS TOWN (10/9/1959; NR; 92m)
a.k.a. GIRL'S TOWN (variation)
a.k.a. GIRLS' TOWN (variation)
a.k.a. THE INNOCENT AND THE DAMNED (1961 re-release)

Ad: "Anything Goes In...GIRLS TOWN...last stop on the road to Nowhere!"
Ad: "HOODLUM GIRLS ON THE LOOSE...and no man can stop them!"
Ad: "What Happens When Youthful Rebels Go Bad?"
Ad: "Who's the Hands-Off Drag-Race?"
Ad: "Silver...who didn't want to know right from wrong!"

Plot: A blonde bombshell is wrongly sent to a Catholic reform school where she ultimately finds redemption.

Prod: Albert Zugsmith (602-Invasion USA; The Beat Generation)
Dir: Charles Haas (The Beat Generation; Platinum High School)
Scr: Robert Smith (prod/scr/sto/602; Platinum High School)
Sto: Robert Hardy Andrews (Wyoming Mail; Best of the Badmen)
Cin: John L. Russell
(602; 409-The Indestructible Man; Oscar nom/Psycho)
Ed: Leon Barsha (Hot Rod Girl; Lady in a Cage)
M/U: William Tuttle (510-The Painted Hills; Time Machine)
ADir: Jack T. Collis (Oscar nom/The Last Tycoon)
ADir: Hans Peters (Oscar noms/Lust for Life, etc.)
Set: Hal Gausman (Oscar noms/Mary Poppins, etc.)
Set: Henry Grace (won Oscar/Gigi)
Score: Van Alexander (Platinum High School; Strait-Jacket)
Songs by Anka: Lonely Boy; It's Time To Cry; Ave Maria
Song by Anka/Van Doren: Girls Town Blues
Song by The Platters: Wish It Were Me

Silver Morgan / Mamie Van Doren
(*112-Untamed Youth; The Beat Generation; The Big Operator)
Fred Alger / Mel Torme (Good News; Return of Spinal Tap)
Jimmy Parlow / Paul Anka (The Longest Day; Look In Any Window)
Dick Culdane / Ray Anthony
(Mamie's then real-life husband; High School Confidential)
Mother Veronica / Margaret Hayes (The Beat Generation)
singer / Cathy Crosby (College Confidential)
Mary Lee Morgan / Elinor Donahue (TV's Father Knows Best)
Stan Joyce / Dick Contino (*307-Daddy-O; The Beat Generation)
Charley Boy / Jim Mitchum (Robert Mitchum's son; Beat Generation)
Chip Gardner / Harold Lloyd Jr. (Frankenstein's Daughter)
Flo / Peggy Moffitt (Blow-Up)
Gloria Barker / Jody Fair (High School Confidential)
Joe Cates / Charles Chaplin Jr. (High School Confidential)
Michael Clyde / Peter Leeds (618-High School Big Shot)
Serafina Garcia / Gigi Perreau (Journey to the Center of Time)
Sister Grace / Sheilah Graham (scr/Beloved Infidel)
Skin / Norman "Woo Woo" Grabowski (The Monkey's Uncle)
Vida / Gloria Talbott
(802-The Leech Woman; I Married A Monster From Outer Space)
carhop / Nan Peterson (The Hideous Sun Demon)
Dolores / Bobi Byrnes (Night of the Quarter Moon)
Eleanor / Phyllis Douglas (Raintree County)
Jaguar girl / Nancy Root (College Confidential)
Carlie / Susanne Sydney (Motorcycle Gang; High School Hellcats)
Sister Agnes / Karen Von Unge (The Prize)
Sister Magdalene / Wendy Wilde (Diary of a High School Bride)
matron / Gloria Rhoads (TV's 26 Men)
na / William Smith (High School Confidential)
themselves / The Platters: Zola Taylor, Tony Williams, Paul Robi, David Lynch, Herb Reed (Carnival Night; Rock All Night)

Classic line: "What's holy water?" Silver asks another inmate, who responds: "Plain ordinary tap water with the hell boiled out of it."

Trivia: The Catholic Church objected to Mamie's shower scene, even after the director pleaded with Cardinal Spellman that even bad girls take showers. The church got its way, and the scene was deleted.

Read more about Mamie in 112-UNTAMED YOUTH. Fans can write to The Mamie Van Doren Fan Club, 8340 Rush St., Rosemead, CA 91770-3617 or visit Mamie Van Doren's Home Page.

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