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Encode Date: 2009-02-17
Length: 01:37:00
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First shown: 9/7/91
Opening: School lunch time
Invention exchange: Racy rorschachs, collapsible trashcan
Host segment 1: J&TB sing The Gamera song (English)
Host segment 2: Sawing a robot in half
Host segment 3: Child star Richard Burton
End: Gamera song again (fake Japanese) & Michael Feinstein in Deep 13
Stinger: "What a monster!"


(USA video release; 1969; Japan; NR; 88m)
a.k.a. GAMERA VERSUS GUIRON (variation)
a.k.a. GAMERA TAI DAIAKUJU GIRON (original/Japan)
Video Ad: "Gamera saves the children once again"
Video Ad: "Will Gamera be a super turtle or turtle soup?"

Plot: In Gamera's fifth movie, two boys encounter brain-eating aliens and a sword-headed monster, but are saved by the Super Turtle.

Prod/USA: Sandy Frank
(*302-Gamera; 304-Gamera Vs. Barugon;
308-Gamera Vs. Gaos; 316-Gamera Vs. Zigra; 306-Time of the Apes; 310-Fugitive Alien;
314-Mighty Jack; 318-Star Force;
K11-Humanoid Woman;
K21-Legend of the Dinosaur)
Exec: Masaichi Nagata (302/*304/308/316)
Prod: Hidemasa Nagata
(308/316; Gamera Vs. Viras)
Dir: Noriaki Yuasa
(*302/308/316; Gamera Vs. Viras; sfx/304)
Planning: Kazumasa Nakano (30cool1.gif
Scr: Fumi Takahashi (302/304/308/316; Gamera Vs. Monster X)
Cin: Akira Kitazaki (Gamera Vs. Viras; Gamera Vs. Monster X)
SFX: Kazafumi Fujii (304/308/316)
M/L: Kenjiro Hirose (316; Gamera Vs. Jiger); and Hideo Nakata
Score: Shunsuke Kituchi (316; Gamera Vs. Jiger)

Super Turtle / Gamera (*302/304/308/316; Gamera Vs. Monster X)
sword-headed monster / Guiron
Akio / Nobuhiro Kazima
Tomoko / Miyuki Akiyama
Tom / Christopher Murphy (The Abyss; Carnosaur 2)
Komiko / Yuko Hamada (Nemuri Kyoshiro 2: Shobu)
Dr. Shiga / Eiji Funakoshi (302; Passion; Thousand Cranes)
Kondo a.k.a. Cornjob / Kon Omura
(Gamera Vs. Jiger; Gamera Vs. Monster X; We Will Remember)
Flovera / Reiko Kasahara (308/316)
Tom's mother / Kathy Horan (K00-The Green Slime)
na / Edith Hanson (TV's Maguma Tashio)

Classic Line: "Let's make the Earth a free place to live...without war...and traffic accidents..."

Lyrics by Hideo Nakata; music by Kenjiro Hirose.
Sung by Daiei-Jidoh-Gasshodan (Daiei Children's Chorus).

1. Gamera, Gamera
(Gamera, Gamera)
Ikasuzo, Gamera! Ikasuzo, Gamera! Ikasuzo, Gamera!
(So cool, Gamera! So cool, Gamera! So cool, Gamera!)
Nichi, Getsu, Ka, Sui, Nichi, Getsu, Ka, Sui
(Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
Nikkoh saegiru, Akuma no niji da
(Shadow the Sun, Evil's Rainbow)
Reitoh Kaiju, Kurunara koi!
(Frozen monster, Dare to march!)
Haneta-zo, Tonda-zo. Go! Go! Go!
(Jumped, Flew. Go! Go! Go!)
Kaen Funsha de Yattsukero
(Destroy with Jet Flame. Here goes Gamera!)
Ikasuzo, Gamera! Ikasuzo, Gamera! Ikasuzo, Gamera!
(So cool, Gamera! So cool, Gamera! So cool, Gamera!)

2. Gamera, Gamera
(Gamera, Gamera)
Ganbare, Gamera! Ganbare, Gamera! Ganbare, Gamera!
(Hold out, Gamera! Hold out, Gamera! Hold out, Gamera!)
Getsu, Ka, Sui, Moku, Getsu, Ka, Sui, Moku
(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
Gekkoh yaburu, Satsujin onpa
(Overcome the moonlight, Super Sonic)
Mach Kaiju, Itsudemo koi!
(Monster Mach, Come Anytime!)
Hikatta, Yoketa-zo. Go! Go! Go!
(Burning Bright. Go! Go! Go!)
Kuwaete hanasuna, Fukitobase.
(Bite hard and blown away).
Ganbare, Gamera! Ganbare, Gamera! Ganbare, Gamera!
(Hold out, Gamera! Hold out, Gamera! Hold out, Gamera!)

3. Gamera Gamera
(Gamera, Gamera)
Tsuyoi-zo, Gamera! Tsuyoi-zo, Gamera! Tsuyoi-zo, Gamera!
(So strong, Gamera! So strong, Gamera! So strong, Gamera!)
Ka, Sui, Moku, Kin, Ka, Sui, Moku, Kin
(Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
Kasei ka, Kinsei, dokokano hoshino
(Mars, Venus, any other Stars)
Uchu Kaiju, Nandemo koi!
(Come Monsters from the Universe!)
Kitta-zo, Tsuita-zo. Go! Go! Go!
(Stabbed, Shoved. Go! Go! Go!)
Kaiten Jet de, Taiatari
(Tackled with circling jet)
Tsuyoi-zo, Gamera! Tsuyoi-zo, Gamera! Tsuyoi-zo, Gamera!
(So strong, Gamera! So strong, Gamera! So strong, Gamera!)

--Many Thanks from Joe Gumber and MSTies everywhere to Lisa Wakabayashi and her wonderful Mom for their translations!

For more about Gamera, check out Gowen's Gamera Page.

Last Updated: 6/21/1999

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rhody 29/01/2011 11.17.03
Thank you, thank you, thank you........
hosehead 23/02/2009 03.44.29
Man, you guys are wrecking my ratio lately, but I love it! Keep up the good work, and thanks Alleged!
zuma 22/02/2009 22.21.19
Thanks Neil, I'd forgotten all about Vol 14!  Will have to clear up some more shelf space.  
agentcooper 22/02/2009 13.13.47
Hey Zuma.

Well 103-Mad Monster is on the new Shout Factory set Vol. 14, and 309-Amazing Colossal Man while never had a DVD release, it was released on VHS, and the idea is that a DAP-DVD would be made of 309, but only from a home recorded VHS source, and after the other 17 episodes never released on any format are archived.

zuma 22/02/2009 10.49.18
Thanks for the massive amounts of these coming out - hard to keep up!

I was going through my MST3K Episode List today and comparing it up to what's out there officially and what's been DAP-DVD'ed, and I noticed two omissions: 103-Mad Monster and 309-Amazing Colossal Man.  I know that 309 was a Rhino VHS and that's the reason it doesn't exist on DVD, but I have all the official discs plus everything that's been DAP'ed, and I cannot figure out why I don't have 103.  Is there a reason I have the AVI but it doesn't appear in the "To Be Converted to DVD" DAP list?

DirkDiggler 20/02/2009 21.14.17
If you ever need a kidney, you can have one of mine!
olso2635 20/02/2009 13.36.02
Nice!!! My socks have once again...been rocked!
Crocolyle 20/02/2009 12.20.08
Woo-hooooooooooooo, Gamera!

Thanks again!
ty2007 20/02/2009 11.49.42
I sincerely appreciate all of your hard work.  These efforts really bring a ray of sunshine to my family and myself.  We look forward to each new offering.

Thanks again!
FookingA 20/02/2009 08.51.01
I love you!
io55 20/02/2009 08.48.15
Thanks again, Alleged!
Impr3ssion 20/02/2009 06.09.52
Please keep up the great work!
agentcooper 20/02/2009 05.53.28
OK wow! another Gamera classic gets the DAP-DVD treatment. Thank you Alleged, Thank you from the bottom of my turtle meat loving self. 17 left to go are......

0101 The Crawling Eye
0108 The Slime People
0110 Robot Holocaust
0111 Moon Zero Two
0112 Untamed Youth
0113 The Black Scorpion
0205 Rocket Attack USA (in progress)
0306 Time Of The Apes
0308 Gamera Vs. Gaos
0313 Earth Vs. The Spider
0314 Mighty Jack
0315 Teenage Caveman
0323 The Castle Of Fu-Manchu
0519 Outlaw
0520 Radar Secret Service
0522 Teenage Crime Wave
0621 The Beast Of Yucca Flats

If you have seen 1st gen VHS sources of these episodes, contact your local encoder right away! Lives are in the balance!!
D-Fish 20/02/2009 05.50.35
Eyes, teeth, nose, claws, nipples--oh, wait.  That's not right.

Thanks again Alleged for your hard work and diligence...  This IS my favorite of the Gamera series!  Weeeeeee!!!
darkflounder 20/02/2009 04.08.49
Alleged is really neat!
Alleged is full of meat!
We believe in Alleged!
walkingdork 20/02/2009 03.46.27
Awesome, thank you so much! You guys have been on fire lately.