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First shown: June 13, 1999.
Opening: Crow and Tom are blossoming everything.
Intro: Mike's attempts to escape using a remote-control Bobo.
Host segment 1: The bots rush the Halloween season, and hollow embarrassment ensues.
Host segment 2: This week on Legends of Rock: The Band That Played "California Lady."
Host segment 3: Crow and Tom rig a remote camera, and catch a glimpse of Mike's disturbing bedtime routines.
End: Crow has injured a baby satellite, but soon all is well; Brain Guy and a brain-exposed Bobo bond, much to Pearl's displeasure.
Stinger: "Moon rocks? Oh, wow!"


(1976; NR; 90m)
a.k.a. TRACK OF THE MOONBEAST (variation)
Video Ad: "The Rising Moon Creates A Monster"

Plot: A mild-mannered mineralogist gets hit in the head with a meteor and becomes a mean, giant lizard monster

Exec: Frank J. Desiderio
(A Place Called Today)
Prod: Ralph T. Desiderio
(A Place Called Today; The Abductors)
Dir: Richard Ashe
(asst dir/A Place Called Today)
Scr: William Finger
(K00-The Green Slime; The Snow Devils)
Scr: Charles Sinclair (K00; The Snow Devils)
Cin: E. Scott Wood
Asst Cam: David M. Conley
Stills: Brian Hamill (You've Got Mail; Annie Hall)
SFX Makeup/Monster: Joe Blasco
(mu/811-Parts: The Clonus Horror; 908-The Touch of Satan; Rabid)
SFX: Rick Baker (uncredited)
(sfx mu/*704-The Incredible Melting Man; 1012-Squirm; Ed Wood)
M/U: Talie Cochran a.k.a. Tallie Cochrane
(actor/Five Loose Women; assoc prod/Hollywood High)
M/U: Steve Cochran
Props: Bea Thompson
PMgr/Score Composer/Conductor: Robert G. Orpin
(sco/A Place Called Today; The Abductors)
Music/Sound FX: Harry D. Glass (ed/A Place Called Today)
Sound Rec: Ray St. Clair
Sound Mix: Lee Dichter (You've Got Mail; Men in Black)
M/L: Frank Larrabee
Song sung by Frank Larrabee: California Lady

Paul G. Carlson / Chase Cordell
Kathy Nolan / Donna Leigh Drake
Prof. "Johnny Longbow" Salina / Gregorio Sala
Police Captain Mac / Patrick Wright (The Abductors; Maniac Cop)
Janet Price / Francine Kessler
Dr. Sutton? / Timothy Wayne Brown (Superchick)
Dr. Lawrence? / Crawford MacCallum
Caroline Harris? / Jeanne Swain
Sid Harris? / Alan Swain
Dr. Rizzo? / Fred McCaffrey
Budd Keeler? / Tim Butler (Astroesque; stunts/D.O.A.)
newscaster / Gary Kanin (Young Guns)
lead singer / Frank Larrabee
The Monster / Joe Blasco (also sfx)

Classic Line: "Moonrocks?! Oh, wow!"

Classic Line: "I'd like to get some night shots of this area."

Classic Line: "Oh, don't touch it! Let me do that."

Classic Line: "Come on, Johnny Longbow. I'd like to see you live up to your name."

Trivia: The first letters of the title TRACK OF THE MOON BEAST spell T-O-M-B, if you leave the "the" out.

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Joboto 13/05/2015 02.03.50
thanks Hagabard; the one episode I just couldn't live without w/out rushing the holiday season
Hagabard 02/09/2008 04.40.32
Just so you know, the DVDs are not up converted AVIs, they are recaptured and remastered completely.  Although new AVIs are sometimes made from the capture used for the DVDs.
Seriad 10/07/2008 05.44.12
I tried a couple .avi's to see how much faster they downloaded, and how well the .avi converted to dvd. TotMB made a pretty flawless conversion. The DL time was about 1/5th the time of an .iso. Ill try a couple more just to see how well they work.