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First shown: 9/11/93
Opening: Tom is enjoying Joel's home movies, which scares Crow
Invention exchange: Lederhosen-hosen, Sara the bobbin' buzzard
Host segment 1: Joel's is a evil supervillian!..."I know!"
Host segment 2: The Sean & Neal show: parallel lives
Host segment 3: Joel tries to hypnotize Tom, Torgo returns
End: Dr. F. uses his magnetizer
Stinger: "Thunderball" pushes the button


(4/20/1967; Italy; NR; 104m)
a.k.a. OPERATION KID BROTHER (original)
a.k.a. O.K. CONNERY
a.k.a. SECRET AGENT 00 (video)

Ad: "Such Close Friends...Such Beautiful Enemies!"
Ad: "OPERATION KID BROTHER is Too Much for One Mother!"

Plot: A plastic surgeon freelances as a spy to stop an evil guy with radioactive rugs.

Prod: Dario Sabatello (Love Italian Style)
Dir: Alberto de Martino (903-Puma Man; Bloodlink)
Asst Dir: Carlo Moscovini (Sette Ori Di Guai)
Scr: Paul Levi (Red Lips)
Scr: Frank Walker (911-Devil Fish)
Scr: Stefano Canzio (dir/Canzoni a Tempo Di Twist)
Scr: Carlo Tritto and Stanley Wright
Cin: Alejandre Ulloa (Goliath Against the Giants)
Cin: Gianni Bergamini (Dirty Heroes)
Ed: Otello Colangeli (Johnny Oro)
SFX: Gagliano
Cos: Gaia Romanini (Hercules, Samson and Ulysses)
ADir: Franco Fontana (Love Italian Style)
Set: Massimo Tavazzi (War of the Zombies)
Score: Ennio Morricone*
Score: Bruno Nicolai (The Christmas That Almost Wasn't)
Song by Khristy: The Man For Me

Dr. Connery / Neil Connery*
Maya / Daniela Bianchi (From Russia With Love; Sword of El Cid)
Thair Beta / Adolfo Celi
(1013-Danger: Diabolik; Thunderball; Von Ryan's Express)
Mildred / Agata Flori (Sette Pistole per i MacGregor)
Alpha / Anthony Dawson a.k.a. Antonio Margheriti (Dr. No)
Commander Cunningham / Bernard Lee (played M in the Bond films)
Miss Maxwell / Lois Maxwell
(K01-Invaders from the Deep; was Miss Moneypenny/Bond films)
Miss Yachuco / Yachuco Yama
Gamma / Mario Soria
Juan / Franco Giacobini (Crazy Desire; El Greco)
Kurt / Guido Lollobrigida (903; Rome Wants Another Caesar)
Lotte / Ana Marie Noe (Sette Pistole per i MacGregor)
Ward Jones / Nando Angelini (Hercules, Samson and Ulysses)
with Franco Ceccarelli (Waterloo)
Enzo Consoli (The Violent Four)
Aldo Cecconi (The Triumph of Hercules)
Antonio Gradoli (Romeo and Juliet; The Road to Fort Alamo)
Mirella Pamphili (Johnny Yuma; Payment in Blood)
Francesco Tensi (Sodom and Gomorrah; Ghosts Italian Style)
Leo Scavini

Trivia: NEIL CONNERY was not even closely successful in films when compared to his brother Sean. After Neil appeared in 1970's The Body Stealers, he retired from film, and became a full-time plasterer. Wise move.

Born in 1928, prolific Italian composer ENNIO MORRICONE has made many movies memorable just by the atmosphere created by his haunting scores, some of which were for: 1964-A Fistful of Dollars (with Clint Eastwood; directed by Sergio Leone); 1965-For A Few Dollars More (Eastwood/Leone again); 1966-The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Eastwood/Leone again); 1968-Once Upon a Time in the West (again Leone); 1013-DANGER: DIABOLIK (directed by Mario Bava); 1970-Two Mules for Sister Sara (with Eastwood and Shirley MacLaine); 1977-Exorcist II--The Heretic; 1978-La Cage aux Folles (and both sequels); 1984-Once Upon a Time in America (again Leone); 1986-The Mission (Oscar nomination); 1987-The Untouchables (Oscar nomination; with Kevin Costner and Sean Connery); 1988-Frantic (with Harrison Ford); and 1991-Bugsy (Oscar nomination; with Warren Beatty and Annette Bening); 1994-Love Affair (Beatty/Bening again); and Wolf (with Jack Nicholson).

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