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In the future, all robots will act like Don Knotts.

This ep is missing a brief segment about 38 minutes in where the source tape cuts out for 10 seconds or so. Also, at times the shadowrama tends to blend into the murk of the movie, which is something I could only improve so much, even with brightness and black level adjustments. However, I did attempt to clean up the hiss in the audio with reasonable success.



First shown: approx. 1/90.
Opening: Joel sings the Human Blues.
Invention exchange: Nitro burning funny pipe, stocking mask of the future.
Host segment 1: Crow and Tom, in the "We Zone," make Joel do tricks.
Host segment 2: Cambot's sitcom simulator malfunctions.
Host segment 3: J&TB play Robot Holocaust, but Crow and Joel aren't having fun.
End: Brainstorm: Name the plant guy in the movie contest, letter.


(made for video; 1987; NR; 79m)
Shown with Short:
102S-Radar Men from the Moon, Chapter 9: Battle in the Stratosphere

Plot: Post-apocalyptic humans fight robots and the Dark One for air.

Prod: Cynthia DePaula*
Dir/Scr: Tim Kincaid*
Asst Dir: Rebecca Rothbaum
Cin: Arthur D. Marks (The Female Response)
Ed: Barry Zetlin (Mandroid; Breeders)
SFX Vis: Jeremie Frank
(pdes/Return of Superfly)
SFX/Robot Masks: Ralph Cordero
(Splatter University)
SFX/Robot Cr FX: Ed French*
SFX/Robot Suits: Valarie McNeill
SFX M/U: Tom Lauten
Cos: Celeste Hines
(asst ed/Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean)
M/U: Erin Pollitt (She's Back)
M/U: Carolyn Krinsky
PMgr: Joe Derrig (asst dir/She's Back)
ADir: Ruth Lounsbury (prod/TV's Fishing with John)
ADir: Marina Zurkow (pdes/Enemy Territory)
PDes: Medusa
Sound: Mik Cribben (The Naughty Victorians)
Sco: Richard Band
(405-Being From Another Planet; 706-Laserblast; Troll)

Neo / Norris Culf (Necropolis; Breeders)
Deeja / Nadine Hart (Necropolis)
Klyton / Joel Von Ornsteiner (Slashdance; Mutant Hunt; Necropolis)
Myta / Jennifer Delora (Deranged; New York's Finest; Sensations)
Kai / Andrew Howarth (Necropolis; Moon 44)
Valaria / Angelika Jager
Jorn / Michael Dowend
Torque / Rick Gianasi (Mutant Hunt; The Occultist)
Bray / George Gray (Stargate; Stay Tuned)
Haim / Nicholas Reiner (Who Shot Patakango?)
Roan / Michael Azzolina
Koria / John Blaylock
airslave fighter / Edward Mallia (Mutant Hunt)
airslave fighter / Michael Zezima (Breeders; Necropolis)
irradiated female / Amy Brentano (Blood Sisters; Breeders)
guardbot / Dave Martin
guardbot / Keith Schwabinger

Classic Line: "We use men to breed with us to create future warrior women. Then we dispose of them."

Classic Line: "On the other hand, I could introduce you to a world of pain. The choice is yours."

Trivia: ROBOT HOLOCAUST was filmed in New York City.

With ED FRENCH usually providing the special effects, TIM KINCAID and CYNTHIA DePAULA teamed up to do these other losers: 1985-Bad Girls' Dormitory; Enemy Territory; 1986-Mutant Hunt; Breeders; Necropolis--City of the Dead; 1987-The Occultist; Riot on 42nd Street; and 1988-She's Back. French also did Geek Maggot Bingo.

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