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with short: "ROBOT RUMPUS"
First shown: 8/29/98
Opening: Tom has become a beautiful butterfly.
Intro: Tom's still a butterfly, but you can't really tell; Pearl, Observer and Bobo pull a not-so-fast one on M&TB.
Host segment 1: The bots try to work through the pain of the Gumby short
Host segment 2: The bots try to scam a free coffin
Host segment 3: Crow, disguised as a screaming skull, freaks Mike out
End: The coffin arrives from Coffins Etc.; Bobo fails to pull an even-less fast one on M&TB.
Stinger: Hubby flings his stool.


Info from Daddy O's Drive-In Dirt (

912 - THE SCREAMING SKULL (1958; NR; 68m)
Shown with Short: 912S-Robot Rumpus (A Gumby Adventure)

Plot: A woman is haunted by the death of her husband's first wife.

Exec: Samuel Z. Arkoff and James H. Nicholson
(both/*309-The Amazing Colossal Man; 311-It Conquered the World; 313-Earth Vs. the Spider; 315-Teenage Caveman;
317-Viking Women and the Sea Serpent; 319-War of the Colossal Beast; 701-Night of the Blood Beast; 806-The Undead;
807-Terror from the Year 5,000; 808-The She-Creature;
809-I Was A Teenage Werewolf; H01-Day The World Ended)

Prod: T. Frank Woods
Prod/Scr: John Kneubuhl
(scr/Two on a Guillotine)
Dir: Alex Nicol (TV's Wild, Wild West)
Asst Dir: Maurice Vaccarino
(902-The Phantom Planet; pmgr/315)
Cin: Floyd Crosby (315; won Oscar/Tabu)
Ed: Betty Jane Lane (Angel Baby)
M/U: Don Roberson (The Vampire)
Sound: Al Overton
(313/902; 406-Attack of the Giant Leeches)
Score: Ernest Gold (won Oscar/Exodus)
Score: Elisabeth Lutyens (The Terrornauts)

Eric / John Hudson*
Jenni / Peggy Webber (906-Space Children; Submarine Command)
Rev. Snow / Russ Conway (The Heiress; War of the Worlds)
Mrs. Snow / Toni Johnson
Mickey the gardener / Alex Nicol (also dir)
(Target Unknown; About Mrs. Leslie)

Classic Line: "He's kept it up for two years I've been away."

Trivia: Look-alike brothers JOHN and WILLIAM HUDSON are often confused with each other, and some sources show them even being the same person!

John Hudson, star of this movie, was born in 1922, and appeared in a few Westerns. William Hudson (1921-1974) had a slightly more successful film career, appearing in: 309-The Amazing Colossal Man and 808-The She-Creature, as well as 1957's My Man Godfrey and 1958's Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.

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