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First shown: 10/27/90.
Opening: Tom gets "haircut."
Invention exchange: Candy adding machine, water-polo foosball.
Host segment 1: The Charlie McCarthey hearings.
Host segment 2: Nuclear quiz show.
Host segment 3: Joel's Russian counterpart on the Hexfield.
End: J&TB upset about the movie, letter, the Mads are happy.
Stinger: "Help me!"


205 - ROCKET ATTACK U.S.A. (1959; NR; 71m)
a.k.a. ROCKET ATTACK, U.S.A. (variation)
Shown with Short:
203S-The Phantom Creeps, Chapter 2: Death Stalks the Highway

Plot: Guy spy sneaks into Soviet Union with aid of woman spy, but despite their efforts, New York City is nuked.

Prod/Dir: Barry Mahon*
Assoc Prod/Set: Al Barron
Assoc Prod: Steve Brody
Assoc Prod: Rick Carrier (prod/Strangers in the City)
Scr: none credited (probably Mahon)
Cin: Mike Tabb
Ed: Alan Smiler (The Dead One; Pagan Island)
Cos: Eaves

Tanya / Monica Davis (The Dead One; 1,000 Shapes of a Female)
John Manston / John McKay (Dead One; Assault of the Rebel Girls)
truck driver / Arthur Metrano*
with Philip St. George
Edward Czerniuk
Daniel Kern (Drive, He Said)
Richard Downs (Buttman's Revenge)
Herbert Flato
Ray Brewer
Janice Gilmain
Robert Reeh
Jane Ross (Wild Is My Love; Light Fantastic)
Marco Behar (The Forgiven Sinner)
Milton Euchs
William Osborn
Ronnie Cooper
John Horner
Nicolai Grushko
Sara Amman (The Pusher)
Vladovia Lazareff
James Tura
Frank Patrinostrow
Alan Smiler (also editor)

Trivia: Born in 1937, chubby ART METRANO would later find success in films, appearing in: 1972-They Only Kill Their Masters; 1981-Going Ape; 1983-Breathless; 1985-Police Academy 2; 1986-Police Academy 3; and 1989-Beverly Hills Bodysnatchers.

Usually filming in Florida, BARRY MAHON directed a few other turkeys (Pagan Island; Violent Women; Cuban Rebel Girls; The Dead One) before doing these adults-only features: The Beast That Killed Women; Censored; Crazy Wild and Crazy; Fanny Hill Meets Dr. Erotico; Fanny Hill Meets Lady Chatterly; Fanny Hill Meets the Red Baron; Good Times with a Bad Girl; The Love Pirate; Naked Zoo; Nudes on Tiger Reef; Prostitutes Protective Society; The Sex Killer. At the same time, he did a few children's movies (!) like Thumbelina; The Wonderful Land of Oz; and Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny.

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Holy crap! Seasons 2 & 6 are complete! Thanks MALDATA for 205 Rocket Attack USA! I hope the copies of 313 you got works out as well smile1.gif OK 12 to go.......

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0108 The Slime People
0110 Robot Holocaust
0111 Moon Zero Two
0112 Untamed Youth
0113 The Black Scorpion
0308 Gamera Vs. Gaos
0313 Earth Vs. The Spider
0314 Mighty Jack
0323 The Castle Of Fu-Manchu
0520 Radar Secret Service
0522 Teenage Crime Wave

Who wants to bet the last season finished is season 1?
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