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First shown: 8/14/93
Opening: The SOL-tie awards
Invention exchange: Chin-der wear, rat pack chess set
Host segment 1: Meeting of the Junior Jester Club
Host segment 2: The bearded town council debates the Sinbad problem
Host segment 3: Crow's lifelong quest thingy goes awry
End: The bots are amazed by Joel's channel cat puppet, letter, Frank meets Mr. Fistie
Stinger: Laughing horse


(USA release; 1952; USSR; NR; 79m)
a.k.a. SADKO (original/USSR)
Ad: "The Greatest Adventure Story Ever Produced!"

Ad: "All the Magic of "Stone Flower"
All the Power of "Alexander Nevsky"
All the Artistry of "Grand Concert"
Highly Recommended for Children"

Plot: Bearded hero searches for the bird of happiness and gets help from Neptune's daughter.

Prod/USA: Art Diamond (Airborne)
Dir: Alfred Pusco a.k.a. Aleksandr Ptushko
(*422-The Day The Earth Froze; 617-The Sword and the Dragon)
Dir/USA: James Landis (The Nasty Rabbit; The Sadist)
Scr: Karl Isar a.k.a. Konstantin Isayev (Star of Hope)
Scr/USA: Francis Ford Coppola (5 Oscars; dir/Godfather, Parts 1-3)
Cin: Fyodor Provorov (617; The Stone Flower; Three Encounters)
Ed: George Stein
SFX: Sergei Mukhin (Ballad of a Soldier)
Cos: Olga Kruchinina (617; Othello)
M/U: Jose Malar
PDes: Yevgeni Svidetelov (Leap Year)
ADir: Yevgeni Kumankov (pdes/617; School of Courage)
Score: V. Shelbalin
Score: Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (A Clockwork Orange)
Song by Gino Marsili: In Search of Happiness
Chor: Sergei Koren (A Musical Story)

Sinbad* a.k.a. Sadko / Sergei Stolyarov (617; Heroes of the Sea)
Luberia / Alla Larionova (Wild Honey)
Trifon / Mikhail Troyanovsky (422; Miles of Fire)
Tanus the Giant / Nadir Malishyovsky (Military Secret)
Hadabad / B. Surovtsev
Cassim / Yuri Leonidov (Mussorgsky)
Prince LalBahari / Mikhail Astangov (Princess Mary)
Morgiana / Yelena Myshkova (617; The Magic Weaver)
Abdalla / Ivan Pereverzev (Heroes of Shipka)
moneylender / Sovol Martinson a.k.a. Sergei Martinson (617)
Neptuna / Olga Viklandt (Don Quixote)
Neptune / Stepan Kayukov (The Miners)
Omelyan Danilovich / Nikolai Kryuchkov (Telegramma; Poet)
The Phoenix / Lidiya Vertinskaya (Don Quixote)
Viking leader / Lev Fenin (Alexander Nevsky)

Classic line: "I know all about your Luberia."

Trivia: SADKO won the Silver Lion Award at the 1953 Venice Film Festival.

This movie's hero is obviously not SINBAD, and director PTUSHKO never intended him to be. But when this Soviet-financed film was released to American audiences, the lead character was given the name "Sinbad" in hopes of fooling American moms and dads, who (the American importers knew) would never allow their kids to see a movie made by commies.

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