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This features the missing host segment.



First shown: 3/12/89.
Opening: Servo talks the Mads into bringing the crew of the SoL back down to Earth; naturally, Crow ruins everything.
Host segment 1: A repeat of host segment 1, from episode K13- SST DEATH FLIGHT, in which Joel helps Servo experience pain.
Host segment 2: Joel turns into a tyrant, and rules the ship with an iron fist. The Bots retaliate by quoting lots of old movies. Crow and Gypsy re-enact the ending of "Casablanca," though Gypsy has no idea where Paris is.
Host segment 3: A tender montage of Servo's favorite moments aboard the SoL, as Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" plays underneath.
End: Unknown. (See below.)
Special Notes: This episode appears to be a tip-of-the-hat to "Family Ties" and similar shows, in which old clips were commonly used as "flashbacks." (See the entry for episode 209- THE HELLCATS in the Amazing Colossal Episode Guide.) Only one host segment was a true repeat, but the others were made to look like they were. The framing story: Servo is supposedly writing a letter to his uncle, describing all the crazy antics of the crew.
Joel smokes a cigarette during the second host segment. This is one of the few times we see a lit cigarette during the entire history of MST3K.
There are no *complete* fan copies of this episode in circulation; as far as I know, no one outside the BBI staffers have ever seen the final host segment or the end credits to this show.


(ABC TV-Movie; broadcast 1/9/1978; 1977; NR; 97m)
Ad: "It's the Biggest Event of the Year...the Super Bowl! Thousands of Men and Women Seeking Excitement, Glamour and Romance...
But a Desperate Killer Threatens to Turn the Game into a Nightmare!"

Plot: A killer's loose in New Orleans, which is hosting the Super Bowl.

Prod: William Frye
(Airport 1975; Trouble With Angels)
Dir: Jerry Jameson
(1010-It Lives By Night; Hurricane)
Scr/Sto: Barry Oringer
(Damon and Pythias; Synanon)
Sto: Bill Svanoe (Up in the Cellar)
Cin: Matthew F. Leonetti
(1010; Poltergeist; Breaking Away)
Ed: J. Terry Williams
(Oscar nom/The Russians Are Coming!)
Cos: John Perry (The Man)
M/U: Wes Dawn (Night of the Lepus)
ADir: Bill Kenney (The Choirboys)
Set: Don Sullivan (The Great Santini)
Score: John Cacavas
(K13-SST: Death Flight; K19-Hangar 1cool1.gif

Mike Shelley / David Janssen*
Joyce / Edie Adams (The Apartment)
P.K. Jackson / Clifton Davis (Lost in the Stars)
Doug Collins / Peter Haskell (Finnegan's Wake)
Dave Walecki / Ken Howard (TV's White Shadow)
Nancy Walecki / Susan Howard (Moonshine County Express)
Chip Green / Van Johnson
(614-San Francisco International; Brigadoon)
Sonny / Vonetta McGee (Blacula; Shaft in Africa)
Lainie / Donna Mills (Play Misty for Me; TV's Knots Landing)
George Beldridge / Ed Nelson (*315-Teenage Caveman;
503-Swamp Diamonds; 701-Night of the Blood Beast;
814-Riding With Death; cos/406-Attack of the Giant Leeches)
Fay Bonelli / Jane Wyatt (TV's Father Knows Best)
McCauley / Tom Selleck (Mr. Baseball; TV's Magnum P.I.)
Gail / Robin Mattson (Return to Macon County)
Brooks / Shelly Novack (Airport; Kansas City Bomber)
Mooney / Marvin Fleming (Heaven Can Wait)
Caretta / Les Josephson (Nickelodeon; Heaven Can Wait)
Moses / Bubba Smith (Police Academy; Stroker Ace)
Hennerson / Dick Butkus (Mother, Jugs and Speed; Smorgasbord)
Tony / Michael Pataki (202-The Side Hackers; Easy Rider)
Whitley / M. Emmet Walsh (Alice's Restaurant; Serpico; Airport '77)
Rita / Lisa Wolff (TV's Verschollen in Thailand)
sportscaster / Charlie Jones (Personal Best)
coach / Jerry Leggio (Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte)

Trivia: Born David Harold Meyer in 1931, former child actor DAVID JANSSEN will forever be known for his portrayal of Dr. Richard Kimble in the popular TV series "The Fugitive". In the late 1950's, he starred in the series "Richard Diamond, Private Detective", in the 1970's in "O'Hara, U.S. Treasury" and "Harry-O".

Janssen appeared in over thirty feature films including: 1946's Swamp Fire starring former Tarzans Johnny Weissmuller and Buster Crabbe; 1952's Yankee Buccaneer with Jeff Chandler; Francis Goes to West Point starring Donald O'Connor and a talking mule; Bonzo Goes to College starring Ronald Reagan and a chimp; 1955's To Hell and Back starring Audie Murphy; The Private War of Major Benson with Charlton Heston; Francis in the Navy again with O'Connor and the mule plus Clint Eastwood; Cult of the Cobra starring Faith Domergue; 1956's Showdown at Abilene with Jock Mahoney; Francis in the Haunted House with Mickey Rooney instead of O'Connor; 1960's Hell to Eternity with Jeffrey Hunter; 1961's King of the Roaring 20's again with Rooney; 1963's My Six Loves with Debbie Reynolds; 1968's The Green Berets starring and directed by John Wayne; 1969's Marooned a.k.a. 401-Space Travelers; and 1970's Macho Callahan with Lee J. Cobb.

He appeared in dozens of TV-movies including: 1972's The Longest Night; 1973's Hijack; 1976's Two Minute Warning starring Heston; the 1978 mini-series Centennial; 1979's S.O.S. Titanic with Cloris Leachman; and 1980's City in Fear. In 1980, the nation was shocked when Janssen died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 48.

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