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with short: "BODY CARE & GROOMING"

First shown: 9/26/93
Opening: Crow is Jay Leno, complete with chin
Invention exchange: Cholester-do all, back-talk
Host segment 1: Crow and Tom debate the messy woman in the short
Host segment 2: Reports on bearded guys include Crow's paper on Rutherford B. Hayes
Host segment 3: Crow is crushed into an ingot
End: Discussing the Lassie's culpability, Dr. F. tries to revive Frank
Stinger: Naughty girl goes into the shower


510S - BODY CARE AND GROOMING (1950's; 10m)
Shown with Movie:
510-The Painted Hills

Short Type: Educational

Plot: A college co-ed is not going to land a man, if she looks sloppy and smells bad.

Prod: Audio Productions Inc.
(702S-The Chicken of Tomorrow; Sniffles and Sneezes)
Prod: McGraw-Hill Text-Films
(514S-Is This Love?; Sniffles and Sneezes; Who's Boss?)
Tech Adv: *Dr. Harold S. Diehl, M.D., M.A., D.Sc.
Tech Adv: William A. O'Brien, M.D.
Tech Adv: Ruth E. Boynton, M.S., M.D.
Tech Adv: Ruth E. Grant, Ph.D., C.P.H.

Characters (actors unknown):
college girl, guy and their peers

Classic Line: "It goes without saying that only clean lingerie should go next to that clean skin."

Trivia: Dr. HAROLD S. DIEHL wrote the "Textbook of Healthful Living." All four technical advisors worked in the School of Public Health at an unknown university (credits illegible). He also was an advisor on the short Sniffles and Sneezes.


510 - THE PAINTED HILLS (1951; G; 70m)

a.k.a. LA COLINA DORADA (Mexico)
Shown with Short:
510S-Body Care and Grooming

Ad: "Packed with Thrills!"

Plot: A collie helps out a gold-prospectin'
geezer and some kid.

Prod: Chester M. Franklin
(dir/Tough Guy; The Iron Master)
Dir: Harold F. Kress
(won Oscars/ed/The Towering Inferno, etc.)
Scr: True Boardman (Pardon My Sarong; Between Us Girls)
Scr: Alexander Hull (from his novel Shep of the Painted Hills)
Cin: Alfred Gilks (won Oscar/An American in Paris)
Cin: Harold Lipstein (Oscar nom/A Man Called Peter)
Ed: Newell P. Kimlin (Apache War Smoke; Bad Day at Black Rock)
SFX: Warren Newcombe (won Oscars/Green Dolphin Street, etc.)
M/U: William Tuttle (601-Girls Town; The Time Machine)
Hair: Sydney Guilaroff (The Graduate; Rosemary's Baby)
ADir: Cedric Gibbons (won 11 Oscars/Gaslight; Julius Caesar; etc.)
ADir: Leonid Vasian (Father's Little Dividend)
Set: Ralph S. Hurst (won Oscars/Gaslight; Julius Caesar, etc.)
Set: Edwin B. Willis (Oscar nom/Giant)
Sound Rec Sup: Douglas Shearer
(won Oscars/Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, etc.)
Score: Daniele Amfitheatrof (Lassie Come Home; Major Dundee)

Shep / Lassie*
Jonathan Harvey / Paul Kelly* (Tarzan's New York Adventure)
Lin Taylor / Bruce Cowling (Battleground; Song of the Thin Man)
Tommy Blake / Gary Gray (Rachel and the Stranger)
Pilot Pete / Art Smith (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn)
Martha Blake / Ann Doran (615-Kitten With A Whip)
Bald Eagle / Chief Yowlachie (The Paleface; Red River)
Mita / Andrea Virginia Lester
Red Wing / "Brown Jug" Reynolds (The Yellow Rose of Texas)

Trivia: This was LASSIE's last movie for M-G-M. (The first was 1943's Lassie Come Home). It was also perhaps the only movie in which this female dog character Lassie, which was always played by a male dog, played a male role (Shep)! Kind of like Victor, Victoria...with fleas!

In the 1920's, actor PAUL KELLY served two years in prison for manslaughter.

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