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First shown: 12/31/88 (New Year's Eve).
Opening: Joel and Servo unfreeze Crow, and Servo greets him with his NEW DYNAMIC MIGHTY VOICE! (See previous show.) Crow isn't pleased at having been frozen.
Host segment 1: J&TB receive their first transmission from the Mads. "Is it true what they say about space?" they sneer; "No one can hear you laugh?" They invite Joel back to Earth for an underwater experiment, but Joel politely declines. (This scene is included on the MST3K Scrapbook tape.)
Host segment 2: Joel is depressed, despite the fact that Gypsy loves him. Cambot plays some messages from callers to cheer him up, and they do, a little. Gypsy is surprised that many of the calls are about her. The last call goes too far, however.
Host segment 3: J&TB make their New Year's resolutions. Crow: "I just want world peace, and my own apartment." They count down the last ten seconds of 1988 before movie sign intervenes.
End: J&TB review the movie. Servo: "I laughed. I cried. I cried a LOT." Joel talks about next week's film, "Gamera Vs. Guiron."
Special Notes: This episode contains the first appearance of the Mads as speaking characters. Also, the "countdown to 1989" that the cast performs during the third host segment was real; this episode first aired on New Year's Eve, and midnight came right around that part of the show. The footage of Josh Weinstein performing stand-up comedy in host segment 1 came from the "KTMA Melon Drop," a KTMA-produced New Year's Eve special starring Kevin Murphy (as news reporter "Bob Bagadonuts"wink.gif which aired immediately prior to this episode of MST3K.


(USA video release; 1971; Japan; NR; 91m)
a.k.a. GAMERA VERSUS ZIGRA (variation)

Plot: In Gamera's 7th film, the giant turtle fights a parrot-fish-alien monster who hypnotizes humans.

Prod/USA: Sandy Frank
(*302-Gamera; 304-Gamera Vs. Barugon;
308-Gamera Vs. Gaos; 312-Gamera Vs. Guiron; 306-Time of the Apes; 310-Fugitive Alien; 314-Mighty Jack; 318-Star Force;
K11-Humanoid Woman;
K21-Legend of the Dinosaur)
Exec: Masaichi Nagata (*302/304/308/312)
Prod: Hidemasa Nagata
(308/312; Gamera Vs. Viras)
Prod: Yoshishiko Manabe
Dir: Noriaki Yuasa
(*302/308/312; Gamera Vs. Viras; sfx/304)
Scr: Fumi Takahashi
(302/304/308/312; Gamera Vs. Monster X)
Cin: Akira Uehara (308; Gateway to Glory)
Ed: Zenko Miyazaki
SFX: Kazafumi Fujii (304/308/312)
PDes: Akira Inoue (Gamera Vs. Jiger)
M/L: Kenjiro Hirose (312; Gamera Vs. Jiger)
Score: Shunsuke Kikuchi (312; Gamera Vs. Jiger)

Super Turtle / Gamera (*302/304/308/312; Gamera Vs. Monster X)
monster fish / Zigra
spacewoman / Eiko Yanami (308; Way Out, Way In)
Henry's sister / Reiko Kasahara (308/312)
Tom / Koji Fujiyama (302/304/30cool1.gif
with Mikiko Tsubouchi (308; Zatochi Challenged)
Isamu Saeki (30cool1.gif
Shin Minatsu
Yasushi Sakagami (30cool1.gif
Arlene and Gloria Zoellner

Trivia: Daiei Studios closed just after production of this film, but re-opened in 1980, only to produce the worst of the Gamera movies, Gamera Super Monster. For the lyrics and their translation to the GAMERA THEME SONGS, see 312-GAMERA VS. GUIRON.

For more about Gamera, check out Gowen's Gamera Page.

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