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First shown: 6/20/92
Opening: Joel says "ping-pong balls," then wishes he hadn't
Invention exchange: Mr. meat & potato head, pop star Tupperware, featuring Morrisey
Host segment 1: Song: "Oh, Kim Catrell!"
Host segment 2: The Fantastic 85
Host segment 3: More super-heroes
End: Playing the City Limits trivia game, letters, the Mads have had enough of Morrisey
Stinger: Tiny radio controlled death from on high


403 - CITY LIMITS (1985; 1984; PG-13; 85m)
Video Ad: "An incredibly powerful cast ignites CITY LIMITS, an action-adventure film of society in the year 2,003, where anarchy is the only rule."

Plot: Plague-surviving teen bikers wear theme outfits and battle a repressive government.

Exec: Warren Goldberg
Prod: Rupert Harvey (Critters 1-4; Slamdance)
Prod: Barry Opper (Android; Critters 2 & 4)
Dir/Sto: Aaron Lipstadt
(dir/Android; Slumber Party Massacre)
Asst Dir: Eric Jewett
(Don Juan DeMarco; dir/TV's Party of Five)
Scr: Don Opper (Android; Critters; Slamdance) (also actor)
Sto: James Reigle (scr/Android)
Cin: Tim Suhrstedt
(Android; Forbidden World; Suburbia)
Ed: R.J. Kizer
(Android; adir sup/The X-Files movie)
SFX Sup: Kevin Pike (sfx/Ed Wood; Return of the Jedi)
Opt FX Dir: Alan Markowitz
Photo FX Dir: Dennis Skotar
Vis FX Dir: Robert Skotar
Cos: Merril Greene (TV's Once A Hero)
M/U: Kathryn Miles Logan (Convicted; The Wraith)
PDes: Philip Foreman (Critters 1-4; Slamdance)
PMgr: Charles Skouras III (pdes/The Abyss; Free Willy) (also actor)
ADir: Cyd Smyllie (set/Alligator)
Set: Anne Kuljian (Sphere; Oscar nom/The Abyss)
Sound Mixer: Mark Ulano (405-Being from Another Planet; Titanic)
Score: Mitchell Froom*
Score: John Lurie (Get Shorty; Down by Law)
M/L: King Sunny Ade, Robert Blackwell, and John Marascalco
Song: Ire (vocals by King Sunny Ade)
Song: Rip It Up (vocals by Little Richard/204-Catalina Caper)

Mick / Darrell Larson (The Student Nurses; Red, White & Busted)
Lee / John Stockwell (Top Gun; My Science Project)
Dr. Wickings / Kim Cattrall*
Yogi / Rae Dawn Chong (Quest for Fire; The Color Purple)
Whitey / John Diehl (Stargate; Kickboxer 2)
Ray / Danny De La Paz (Boulevard Nights)
Sammy / Don Opper (also scr; Critters 4; Slamdance)
Bolo / Norbert Weisser (The Road to Wellville; Arcade)
Frankie / Pamela Ludwig (Over the Edge; Dead Man Walking)
Ramos / Tony Plana (An Officer and a Gentleman; Valley Girl)
Ernie / Dean Devlin*
Carver / Robby Benson (Ice Castles; Disney's Beauty and the Beast)
Albert / James Earl Jones (Darth Vader's voice/Star Wars, etc.)
Ruth / Kelly Stuart
Billy / Matt Goulish
woman in desert / Joannelle N. Romero (Barbarosa; Parasite)
unfriendly D.A. / Marcia Holley (stunts/Broken Arrow; The Abyss)
unfriendly D.A. / Alan Marcus (Kill Squad)
unfriendly D.A. / Kane Hodder (Pumpkinhead 2)
Chris / Sean Ryan (To Die For; In the Mouth of Madness)
young Clipper / Catherine Harper (foley/Contact)
D.A. warrior / Jennifer Balgobin (Repo Man)
Sunya escort / Charles Skouras III (also pmgr)
Sunya sharpshooter / Terri Robinson (Stoogemania)
young Mick / Morgan Weisser (Mother; TV's X-Files Ep #4.07)
young Whitey / Robert Otting
young Yogi / Ola Butler
Lou / Derek Jewett
border guard / Hill Farnsworth (Piranha)
border guard / Gene LeBell (Micki and Maude; Walking Tall)

Trivia: Born in England in 1956 and adored by Crow T. Robot, KIM CATTRALL also has had success in Canada and the USA. Some of her films are: 1981-Porky's; 1984-Police Academy; 1986-Big Trouble in Little China; 1987-Mannequin; 1990-Bonfire of the Vanities; and 1991-Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Plus she was great in the TV mini-series Wild Palms and Robin Cook's Invasion. Kim's recollections of CITY LIMITS include always filming at night in a dangerous part of L.A. with the ever-present stench from a nearby dogfood factory.

It's amazing that DEAN DEVLIN, who also appeared in the movies My Bodyguard and The Wild Life, would later become a big Hollywood producer, bringing us such mindless, noisy blockbusters as Independence Day and Godzilla. (Daddy-O must admit, though, that he did like Stargate). Premiere magazine ranked Devlin and ID4 director Roland Emmerich No. 44 on 1997's Power List of the 100 Most Influential People in the Hollywood Industry. Be very afraid.

Beginning his career as a keyboard player, MITCHELL FROOM has produced recordings for such acts as Los Lobos, Del Fuegos, The Latin Playboys, Crowded House, Elvis Costello, Richard Thompson, and his wife, Suzanne Vega. His film scores include: Slamdance, Dr. Caligari, Cafe Flesh, and Night Dreams, as well as the title song for Tomorrow Never Dies. Froom's most recognizable work is the theme from the TV show Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

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