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First shown: 8/17/91
Opening: Old Joel Robinson had a farm?
Invention exchange: Eye, ear, nose & throat dropper, musical chair and Jack Perkins!
Host segment 1: J&TB stage a hat party
Host segment 2: Joel forces Crow and Tom to reenact a scene from the movie
Host segment 3: Crow and Tom are confused, so Joel helps out with a screenplay model
End: Joel's buttons, letter, torturing Jack Perkins
Stinger: "'re STUCK HERE!"


(USA video title; 1986; 1978?; Japan; NR; 103m)
a.k.a. SUTAURUFU (original TV series/Japan)
prequel to 318-STAR FORCE
Plot: Branded as a traitor, fugitive alien Starwolf Ken is rescued by Earthlings and goes on a mission with them. Almost everybody else is named Ken, too.

Prod/USA: Sandy Frank (*302-Gamera;
304-Gamera Vs. Barugon; 306-Time of the Apes; 308-Gamera Vs. Gaos; 312-Gamera Vs. Guiron; 314-Mighty Jack; 316-Gamera Vs. Zigra;
318-Star Force; K11-Humanoid Woman;
K21-Legend of the Dinosaur)
Prod: Noburu Tsuburaya
(318; The Ultraman Story)
Dir: Kiyosumi Kukazawa (31cool1.gif
Dir: Minoru Kanaya (31cool1.gif
Scr: Keiichi Abe (318/306)
Scr: Bunzou Wakatsuki and others (31cool1.gif
Cin/SFX: none credited
Score: Norio Maeda (318; Crusher Joe)

Captain Joe / Jo a.k.a. Joe a.k.a. Jou Shishido (318; Gate of Flesh)
with Tatsuya Azuma (31cool1.gif
Miyuki Tanigawa (318; Inju Kyoshi III)
Choei Takahashi (318; Tampopo)
Tsutomu Yukawa (31cool1.gif
Hiro Tateyama (31cool1.gif

Trivia: FUGITIVE ALIEN and its sequel 318-STAR FORCE: FUGITIVE ALIEN II were compiled from a late 1970's Japanese TV series.

Last Updated: 6/21/1999

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