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Can't reach, I'll cut-and-paste the description later.  Yes, I can make up or change the rules pretty much any time I want.  If you're really a stickler, here's the Satellite News episode guide info:

Episode Guide: 522- Teen-Age Crime Wave

Last modified on 2008-11-13 02:32:51 GMT.

First shown: 1/15/94
Opening: Another escape attempt
Intro: Mace mousse, the escape plan fails
Host segment 1: The golden age of the “doughy guy”
Host segment 2: The first deli in space
Host segment 3: Mystos!
End: Tom delivers some letters; Frank is “Doughy Man” but Dr. F. sprays him again, again, and again
Stinger: “TURN IT OFF!”
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• For those who missed the note last week, I am skipping episode 521- SANTA CLAUS for the time being. I will get to it at the end of season 5, as the Christmas season is getting under way. Seems more appropriate.
• This movie has a great opening half hour and pretty exciting last 20 minutes. Unfortunately, it also has a deadly 40 minutes in the middle. The segments are hit and miss, with a wonderful finsh. All in all, it’s in the fair-to-good range.
• Invention exchange fadeaway watch: The mace mousse seems to be a genuine invention. Frank is hilarious, by the way. Mike’s still busy escaping–though he does CALL it an invention!
Non-spaghetti ball bumpers: pan to beaker; closeup on datebook.
• Movie observation: An example of stupid script writing: The matron asks the fueding inmates: “Who started this?” What real matron would bother? Has that EVER worked?
• Segment 1 was an instant hit and within hours MSTie internet was bursting with peons to doughy guys. And as a doughy guy myself, I enjoyed it. Mike really belts out his part.
• Annoying commercial: One of those stupid Mentos commercials, which acts as a sort of setup for segement 3! Was it intentional?
• Callbacks: My tape was from the premier of the episiode (from this point forward most of my tapes will be from the premieres): “Mitchell!” Of courese, there are too many callbacks to count in segment 2. And “Why don’t they look?” has already joined the rotation.
• Mike carries Servo by the neck when they enter the theater after segment 2.
• Of course this episode also gave us the classic line: “He’ll never touch you, Terry, you’re dirt.” The Brains apparently really liked because it was used many times thereafter.
• Um, the movie shows an obelisk and Mike (I think) says “The Roddy McDowell monument!” Um, huh? If they’d said “The Milton Berle monument” I’d get it. Was Roddy known for his, um, endowment?
• The mace mousse bit at the end just gets funnier and funnier. It’s very reminiscent to the “Daddy-O” ending.
• Fave riff: “You’re gonna have to get in line. Couple o’ cows ahead of you.”
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BTW, Thank you Alleged! I never lost faith that you would be back, but I didn't know when smile1.gif (off to update my list....)
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A new MST and a 55 minute download time?  Thanks Alleged!  Thanks seeders!
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