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First shown: 3/5/89.
Opening: Forrester and Erhardt try to figure out if they're really mad scientists, or just angry.
Host segment 1: As a practical joke, Servo, Crow and Gypsy weld themselves together. Joel isn't amused. The Bots dash off-screen, put on women's clothing, then return. (Joel: "I feel like Benny Hill."wink.gif
Host segment 2: The Bots discuss the concept of humor, and wonder if murdering Joel would be funny.
Host segment 3: After the Bots refuse to play any games with him, Joel gets depressed. (Joel: "Next time, no free will."wink.gif Joel pouts until movie sign rolls around.
End: Crow reads a fan letter praising Servo, after which Joel reads an anti-Servo letter. Servo reads a fan letter from "Amy, the MAGNIFICENT PAGAN SHE-BEAST," and gets very, very excited as he does so.


(USA video title; 1968; Japan; NR; 90m)
a.k.a. TATAKAE MIGHTY JACK (original/Japan)
a.k.a. MAITEI JIYAKU (TV series title)
Plot: Spies led by Q want Mighty Jack, a super flying jet-submarine.

Prod/USA: Sandy Frank (*302-Gamera; 304-Gamera Vs. Barugon;
306-Time of the Apes; 308-Gamera Vs. Gaos; 310-Fugitive Alien; 312-Gamera Vs. Guiron; 316-Gamera Vs. Zigra; 318-Star Force; K11-Humanoid Woman; K21-Legend of the Dinosaur)
Prod: Eiji Tsuburaya (sfx/213-Godzilla Vs. the Sea Monster; Mothra)
Prod: Yasuji Morita
Prod: Yasuhiro Ito (Labyrinth of Dreams)
Dir: Kazuho Mitsuta a.k.a. Kazuko Mitsoti
Scr: Shinichi Sekizawa (212; 213-Godzilla Vs. the Sea Monster)
Scr: Eizaburou Siba
Cin: Yoshishiro Mori (306)
Ed: Akio Asura
Ed/USA: William L. Cooper Jr. (306)
SFX: Kazuo Sagawa (cin/Cyber Ninja; sfx/TV's The Last Dinosaur)
SFX: Teisho Arikawa (213; Godzilla Vs. Mothra)
Score: Isao Tomita (Demon Pond; A Class to Remember)

Hideaki Nitani (Tidal Wave)
Naoko Kobo
Hiroshi Ninami
Masanari Nihei
Wakako Ikeda
Akira Kasuga
Seiko Fukioka
Noriaki Inoue
Yoshitaka Tanaka
Mitsubu Ohya
Eijiro Yanagi (The Idiot; Tunnel to the Sun)
Hideyo Amamoto a.k.a. Eisei Amamoto (213; Message from Space)
Kenji Sahara (Godzilla; Son of Godzilla)
Akira Yamaguchi (Kamen Rider V3)

Trivia: This movie version of the TV series contains the first and last episodes, leaving out what happened in between...not that it would have clarified the plot, but snippets of the tweener episodes might have helped.

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