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Release Date: 2005-09-03
Length: 01:30:00
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First shown: 2/22/97
Intro: Tom sets the rules for "Business Casual Day"
Opening: The apes fix their mutant neighbors' thermonuclear device; an alarmed Pearl
Host segment 1: The rumors of Pearl's death are greatly exaggerated and she has a
stowaway; Gypsy shakes her off their tail
Host segment 2: Mike searches for something good on the radio...and fails
Host segment 3: Tom hits something that really likes Crow!
End: Crow serves up juicy revenge, a letter from Dr. Peanut, a last word from Pearl
Stinger: The smarmy corporal out Donny Most-ing


(original; 1957; NR; 79m)

a.k.a. THE GIANT MANTIS (re-release)
a.k.a. PANIQUE AUX U.S.A. (Belgium)
a.k.a. PANIEK IN DE U.S.A. (Belgium)
a.k.a. MANTIDE OMICIDA (Italy)

Ad: "This was the Day that Engulfed the World in Terror!"

Plot: After being frozen for millions of years, a huge prehistoric Praying Mantis comes alive,
and has a big appetite for humans.

Prod: William Alland (*801-Revenge of the Creature; 803-The Mole People; 906-The
Space Children; L02-This Island Earth; Tarantula)
Dir: Nathan Juran (won Oscar/adir/How Green Was My Valley)
a.k.a. Nathan Hertz (Attack of the 50 ft. Woman)
Asst Dir: William Holland (The Incredible Shrinking Man)
Scr: Martin Berkeley (801; Tarantula; The Nebraskan)
Sto: William Alland (801; Flesh and the Fury)
Cin: Ellis Carter (803; 802-Leech Woman; Monolith Monsters)
Ed: Chester Schaeffer (The Tingler; The Steel Cage)
SFX: Fred Knoth (L02; The Land Unknown; Hellfighters)
Cos: Jay A. Morley Jr. (801/803; Creature Walks Among Us)
M/U: Bud Westmore (801/802/803/L02;
805-Thing That Couldn't Die; *614-San Francisco International)
ADir: Alexander Golitzen
(801/802/803/805/L02; 615-Kitten With A Whip)
ADir: Robert Clatworthy (802; Female on the Beach)
Set: Russell A. Gausman (801/802/803/805/L02; 702-Brute Man)
Set: Oliver Emert (615; Female on the Beach)
Sound: Leslie I. Carey (801/802/803/805/L02)
Sound: Vernon W. Kramer (Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine)
Sound: Leon M. Leon
Music Sup: Joseph Gershenson (*615/803/805/L02; prod/802)
Music Sup: Harris Ashburn (The Incredible Shrinking Man)
Score: Irving Gertz (802; 203-The Jungle Goddess)
Score: William Lava (Phantom from Space; Flood Tide)
Score: Henry Mancini
(*L02/801/803/805; won Oscars/Breakast at Tiffany's, etc.)

Colonel Joe Parkman / Craig Stevens (Dive Bomber)
Dr. Nedrick Jackson / William Hopper*
Marge Blaine / Alix Talton (Rock Around the Clock)
Gen. Mark Ford / Donald Randolph (My Gun Is Quick)
Sgt. Pete Allen / Pat Conway (Geronimo)
Prof. Anton Gunther / Florenz Ames (Teacher's Pet)
corporal / Paul Smith (Funny Face; There's Always Tomorrow)
Lou / Phil Harvey (Monster on the Campus; Touch of Evil)
army sergeant / Floyd Simmons (Party Girl; South Pacific)
Lt. Fred Pizar / Paul Campbell (Frontier Outpost; Pecos River)
Mrs. Farley / Helen Jay (She Devil; Space Master X-7)
officer / Jack Mather (Desiree; River of No Return)
bus driver / George Lynn (The Day the Earth Stood Still)
policeman / Skipper McNally (Time Limit)
eskimo chief / Harold Lee
sergeant / William Anders
engineer / John Close (108-Slime People; 517-Beginning of the End)
announcer / William A. Forester (Cry Baby Killer; Pajama Game)
second reporter / Tom Greenway (North by Northwest)
father / Jess Kirkpatrick (Space Master X-7; Long, Hot Summer)
Col. Harvey / James Lanphier (Operation Petticoat)
Capt. Frank Carver / David McMahon (311-It Conquered the World)
Italian fisherman / Ernesto Morelli (Twist Around the Clock)
plotter / Dick Paxton (Hit and Run; Hoodlum Empire)
trooper / Bing Russell (Rio Bravo; Billy the Kid Vs. Dracula)
spectator / Harry Tyler (Pillow Talk; Them!)
pilot / Sumner Williams (Running Wild; Johnny Guitar)
co-pilot Jerry / Keith Aldrich
Canadian Capt Hawkins / Tom Cound (It Should Happen to You)
machine-gunner / Marvin Bryan (Marty; The Brothers Rico)
civilian announcer / James R. Haskin (He Knows You're Alone)
announcer / Ned LeFevre (801; The Joker Is Wild)
mother / Madelon Mitchell (I've Lived Before)
narrator / Paul Frees (319-War of the Colossal Beast;
617-The Sword and the Dragon; dir/scr/415-The Beatniks)

Trivia: WILLIAM DeWolf HOPPER Jr. (1915-1970) was the son of actor DeWolf
Hopper and actress/columnist Hedda Hopper, whose trademark was really big hats. Most
people immediately recognize him from his role as Private Detective Paul Drake on the
long-running and popular TV series Perry Mason (1957-1966) starring Raymond Burr.
Hopper's films include: 1937-Footloose Heiress; 1938-Mystery House; 1955-Rebel
Without A Cause; Conquest of Space; 1956-The Bad Seed; and 1957-20 Million Miles to

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