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First shown: 7/4/92
Opening: J&TB playing movie slogan 20 questions
Invention exchange: Tragic moments figurines, Jack Palance impersonation kit
Host segment 1: Bill Mumy tribute
Host segment 2: Playing haunted house with Joel
Host segment 3: Holoclown fun on the Hexfield
End: TV's Frank shopping network, letter, the "die-master"
Stinger: The heartbreak of extraterrestrial psoriasis


(public domain title; 1982; PG; 86m)

a.k.a. TIME WALKER (original)
a.k.a. TIMEWALKER (variation)
Ad: "Nothing Can Stop Him. Not Even Time."

Plot: Alien mummy from King Tut's tomb is resurrected and wants his crystals back from thieving undergrads.

Exec: Robert A. Shaheen
Prod: Dimitri Villard
(also actor; Flight of the Navigator)
Prod: Jason Williams (also actor; Danger Zone 1-3)
Dir: Tom Kennedy (TV game show host/You Don't Say)
Scr: Karen Levitt
Scr: Tom Friedman (Danger Zone; prod/Danger Zone 2)
Sto: Tom Friedman and Jason Williams
Cin: Robbie Greenberg (Youngblood; Free Willy; Under Siege 2)
Ed/Sound FX Ed: Joseph Yanuzzi (sfx/Lifeforce)
SFX: Laurel Klick (The Terminator; Braveheart)
Cos: Sarah Bardo (Easy Wheels; Dr. Alien)
M/U: Sue Dolph (Alligator; Battle Beyond the Stars)
Asst Dir: Jack Cummins (The Howling; Runaway Train)
Asst Dir: Nancy King (Runaway Train)
PMgr: Mark Allan (Patty Hearst)
PMgr: Tink Ten Eyck (Weekend at Bernie's II)
ADir: R.A. Burns (The Howling; Re-Animator)
ADir: Joe Garrity (Forbidden World; Runaway Train)
Asst ADir: Pamela Warner (adir/516-Alien from L.A.)
Set: Sydney Ann Kee (The Ninth Configuration)
Stunts: Harry Wowchuck (Air Force One; Lethal Weapon 4)
Stunts: Victoria Vanderkloot (Titanic; Firestarter)
Sound Sup: Dale Johnston (Emmy noms/Lou Grant, etc.)
Sound Mixer: Mark Ulano (403-City Limits; won Oscar/Titanic)
Sound Mixer: Bud Grenzbach (won Oscar/Platoon)
Sound Mixer: John Wilkinson (won Oscar/Platoon)
Sound Mixer: Terry Porter
(Oscar nom/Star Trek IV; Aladdin; Beauty and the Beast)
Music Sup: David Franco (Not Quite Human)
Score: Richard H. Band
(110-Robot Holocaust; 706-Laserblast; Puppetmaster 1-5; Troll)

Professor Doug McCadden / Ben Murphy*
Susy Fuller / Nina Axelrod (Motel Hell; Cross Country)
Peter Sharpe / Kevin Brophy (Hell Night; The Seduction)
Jack Parker / Robert Random
(523-Village of the Giants; Danger Zone 2-3)
Dr. Wendell Rossmore / James Karen
(Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster; many commercials)
Dr. Ken Melrose / Austin Stoker
(814-Riding with Death; Assault on Precinct 13; Twisted Brain)
Linda / Shari Belafonte-Harper (TV's Hotel; French Silk)
mummy Ankh Venaris / Jack Olson
Dr. Hayworth / Antionette Bower (Die Sister, Die!)
Jeff / Jason Williams (Flesh Gordon; Danger Zone 1-3)
pawnbroker / Alan Rachins (TV's L.A. Law; Always)
Willoughby / Clint Young (Family Plot; California Suite)
Serrano / Sam Chew Jr. (Forty Carats; The Sweet Ride; Rattlers)
Jennie / Melissa Prophet (Looker; Blame It on the Night)
Plummer / Darwin Joston (Rattlers; The Fog; Assault on Precinct 13)
Sherri / Greta Blackburn (48 Hours; V--The Final Battle)
Bill Vogler / John LaVachielli (The Lords of Discipline)
Courtney / Ken Gibbel (Protocol; Up the Creek)
Michael / Gary Dubin (Jaws II; Diamonds Are Forever)
kissing girl / Susan Curtis (Octavia)
Stanley / Warrington Gillette (Friday the 13th Part 2)
cameraman / J. Michael Hunter (Rollercoaster)
janitor / Hugo L. Stanger (Vice Squad; Joysticks)
kissing guy / Alan Stock (Whose Life Is It Anyway?)
student in lab / Vanna Bonta (Beastmaster; Demolition Man)
co-ed #2 / Sandra Carey (Devil's Garden; Curse of the Alpha Stone)
newswoman / Joy Grdnic (How to Party)
frat boy #2 / Kelly Junkerman (Rio Diablo; The Gambler V)
Greg / Gerard Prendergast (Bachelor Party; Basic Training)
Wrapper / Jeff Yesko (Killer Klowns from Outer Space)
Abdellah / Behrouz Vossoughi (Caravans)
party girl #2 / Victoria von Voorhees
Ellen Winters / Greta Stapf
frat boy #1 / Royce Alexander
Sarah / Michelle Avonne (Flicks)
co-ed #1 / Annie Barbieri
party girl #1 / Marie Briguglio
student at dock / Richard Hoyes
co-ed #3 / Diane Terry
co-ed #4 / Ann Trussell
reporter / Donald LaFontaine (A Man Called Sarge)
nurse / Allene Simmons (Porky's; The Malibu Bikini Shop)
tall reporter / Dimitri Villard (also producer; Easy Wheels)

Classic Line: "You don't think it's walking around on its own, do you?"

Trivia: Born in 1941, handsome and athletic BEN MURPHY has had most of his success appearing on the small screen. Among his TV series are: "Alias Smith and Jones"; "Griff"; "The Chisolms"; and "Gemini Man", two episodes of which were incorporated into the TV-movie 814-RIDING WITH DEATH. Besides the TV mini-series The Winds of War, Murphy's done many TV-movies.

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