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First shown: 11/19/94
Opening: A political debate on politics
Intro: The Mads are construction workers, M&TB do the old board routine
Host segment 1: It's Urkel! Hahahahaha!
Host segment 2: It's still Urkel! Hahahahaha!
Host segment 3: More Urkel hilarity until Torgo has his say
End: Comments on the movie, letters, Dr. F.'s ears
Stinger: "My job, my way."


(9/29/70; NBC TV-Movie and series pilot; NR; 96m)
(TV series title)
Ad: "Jet Packed Drama at a Giant Air Terminal!"

Plot: People who run a large metropolitan airport handle several crises on the job.

Exec: Frank Price (TV's The Doomsday Flight)
Prod/Scr: William Read Woodfield (TV's Earth II)
Prod/Scr: Allan Balter (TV's Earth II)
Assoc Prod: John Orland (ed/Mindbender)
Dir: John Llewellyn Moxey (Horror Hotel; Psycho-Circus)
Asst Dir: Ric Rondell (Battle for the Planet of the Apes)
Cin: Andrew Jackson (The Shakiest Gun in the West; Superdad)
Ed: John Elias and Budd Small (both/TV's Hunter)
Cos: Charles Waldo (814-Riding with Death; TV's Magnum P.I.)
M/U: Bud Westmore* (L02-This Island Earth; 801-Revenge of the Creature; 802-The Leech Woman; 803-The Mole People;
804-The Deadly Mantis; 805-The Thing That Couldn't Die)
ADir: Henry Larrecq (The Blues Brothers)
Set: John McCarthy
(102S-Radar Men from the Moon; 615-Kitten With A Whip)
Set: Edward Parker (Getting Straight)
Score: Pat Williams
(won Emmy/Lou Grant; Oscar nom/Breaking Away)

Jim Conrad / Pernell Roberts*
Bob Hatten / Clu Gulager*
Katie Barrett / Beth Brickell (TV's Gentle Ben)
Lester Scott / Van Johnson (K15-Superdome; The Caine Mutiny)
Stayczek / Tab Hunter*
Tina Scott / Nancy Malone (The Violators; An Affair of the Skin)
Captain Ross Edwards / David Hartman (TV's Lucas Tanner)
Davey Scott / Ted Eccles (TV's The Herculoids)
Clifford Foster Evans / Walter Brooke
(*401-Space Travelers; 607-Bloodlust; TV's Green Hornet)
William Sturtevant / Cliff Potts (TV's Big Hawaii & Lou Grant)
Joan Edwards / Jill Donahue (Nobody's Perfect)
Frank Davis / Chuck Daniel (Fireball Jungle; Policewoman)
George Woodruff / Dana Elcar (The Sting; TV's Baretta; MacGuyver)
Dan / Robert Sorrells (TV's Ensign O'Toole)
Amato / Jim B. Smith (512-Mitchell; Viva Max!)
Senator Whitman / Jason Wingreen (TV's All in the Family)
Sergeant Dobkin / Marc Hannibal (Fools; The Grasshopper)
congressman / Frank Gerstle (518-Atomic Brain; Magnetic Monster)

Trivia: A performer also in 322-MASTER NINJA I, actor CLU GULAGER was the only cast member to make it from the pilot to the TV series of the same name, which started airing in 1970 in rotation on NBC's Four-in-One. (The other three series were McCloud, Night Gallery, and The Psychiatrist). Headliner PERNELL ROBERTS was replaced by Lloyd Bridges, and new characters were added. You probably remember Roberts from his roles on TV's Bonanza and Trapper John M.D.

Born Andrew Arthur Kelm or Arthur Gelien in 1931, blond and muscular TAB HUNTER was another one of those 1950's hunks who were macho on screen, but alledgedly gay off screen (like his contemporaries Rock Hudson and George Nader). Besides having a 1960 TV show with his own name in the title, his films include: 1948-The Lawless; 1954-Track of the Cat; 1955-Battle Cry; 1957-The Girl He Left Behind; 1958-Damn Yankees; 1959-That Kind of Woman (with Sophia Loren); 1964-Ride the Wild Surf; 1965-City Under the Sea a.k.a. War Gods of the Deep; The Loved One (with Jonathan Winters); 1966-Birds Do It; 1972-The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean; 1981-Timber Tramps; Grease 2; Polyester (as Divine's husband; directed by John Waters; the film came with a scratch-and-sniff Odorama card!); 1985-Lust in the Dust (again with Divine plus Lainie Kazan; Tab played a tongue-in-cheek Eastwood-type hombre); and 1988-Grotesque.

Make-up man BUD WESTMORE headed the Make-Up Department at Universal-International. All the other studios, except for MGM, were at one time or another headed by a member of the Westmore family. Brother WALLY worked on 523-VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS. Montague did Viven Leigh's make-up in 1939's Gone With The Wind. Brothers Perc, Ern, and Frank also were important artists in the make-up field. Nephew Michael won an Oscar for 1986's Mask and designed the Borgs for Star Trek: First Contact.

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