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First shown: 1/7/95
Opening: Crow has contact lenses
Intro: Frank is a talent agent
Host segment 1: Servo builds a death ray for peaceful purposes, but can't resist using it on Crow
Host segment 2: "This is your life, Mike Nelson"
Host segment 3: Crow's designs for sunglasses seem a bit woman-ey
End: Cambot gets emotional, Frank has a glamour shot
Stinger: Dropping watch into swimming pool


(USA release; 1967; Spain/Italy; NR; 106m)
a.k.a. NIDO DE ESPIAS (original/Spain: Nest of Spies)
a.k.a. IL RAGGIO INFERNALE (original/Italy)
a.k.a. LE RAYON INFERNAL (France)
a.k.a. DEATH RAY
Plot: Superspy Bart Fargo (or is it Fart Bargo?) must rescue a professor and his death ray invention while fending off amorous women.

Prod: Daniel P. Culvert
Dir: Frank G. Carroll a.k.a.
Gianfranco Baldanello (This Man Can't Die)
Scr/Sto: Paul Fleming a.k.a. Domenico Paolella
(Maciste Against the Shiek)
Scr/Sto: Juan Antonio Cabezas
(La Sombra Iluminada)
Scr/Sto: Jaime Comas (scr/Fistful of Dollars)
Scr/Sto: Al Christian a.k.a. Aldo Cristiani
(actor/La Vendetta dei Gladiatori)
Sto: Dick Arthur
Cin: Frank Humphreys a.k.a. Manuel Hernandez Sanjuan
(The Christmas Kiss)
Ed: Edwin McLeod a.k.a. Gaby Penalba (Comanche Blanco)
Cos: Mary Louise Boyle
M/U: Ray Danby
Set: Luis Arguello (El Monumento) a.k.a. Joseph Vincent?
Set: Arrigo Equini (scene des/504-Secret Agent Super Dragon)
a.k.a. Robert Nicholson?
Score: James Anderson a.k.a. Gianni Ferri (Los Desparados)

Bart Fargo / Gordon Scott*
Lucille? / Maureen Denphy
villain / Alberto Dalbes (Dracula Vs. Frankenstein; 100 Rifles)
with Nello Pazzafini a.k.a. Ted Carter (A Long Ride from Hell)
Sylvia Solar (Finger on the Trigger; Eyeball)
Max Dean a.k.a. Massimo Righi (Adios Gringo)
Tor Altmayer a.k.a. Tullio Altamura (Un Dollaro Bucato)
Rosemary Herbert a.k.a. Rossella Bergamonti (Mangiala)
Carlos Hurtado (Train D'Enfer)
Jane Peters a.k.a. Tina Di Pietro (Avventura al Motel)
Juan Sant Cruz a.k.a. Julio Santa Cruz
Julian MacMillan a.k.a. Giulio Maculani (Johnny Oro)
Ignazio Balsamo (Zorro Marchese di Navarra)
Valentino Macchi (Un Italiano in America) a.k.a. Edwin Moore?
Fernando Rubio (Saranda) a.k.a. Larry Sheffield?

Trivia: Finding anything on this movie was really a challenge. Note how the non-cast names were Americanized. The names Culvert, Arthur, etc. are probably pseudonyms too, but no other names were located.

Born Gordon M. Werschkul in 1927, American muscleman GORDON SCOTT took advantage for Europe's demand for movie he-men after Steve Reeves' success. Scott first was the 11th actor to play Tarzan; he beat his manly chest in six movies beginning with Tarzan's Hidden Jungle (1955). Italy called, so he co-starred with Reeves in 1961's Duel of the Titans. Then Scott played Maciste in 1961's Samson and the Seven Miracles of the World and 1964's Goliath Against the Vampires. (For semi-clarification on Maciste, see the footnote for 605-COLOSSUS AND THE HEADHUNTERS). Here's some other of Scott's European imports: 1962-Zorro and the Three Musketeers; 1962-A Queen for Caesar; 1963-The Lion of St. Mark; 1963-Arrow of the Avenger; 1964-Buffalo Bill; 1965-Hercules and the Princess of Troy; 1966-The Tramplers; Top Secret; and 1967's Nest of Spies a.k.a. DANGER!! DEATH RAY!

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mountaineerfan 23/06/2008 09.57.39
Well, not THE car from the film, but the same model...
mountaineerfan 23/06/2008 09.56.29
I am downloading this, as I now am restoring the car from this film, an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale!