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First shown: 4/4/98
Opening: Tom has Short Man's Syndrome
Intro: Tom is better; Pearl's ball is somewhat under-attended, while Observer has Ortega and some buddies over
Host segment 1: Mike offends Shelli the Nanite, so his dry look does not come out well
Host segment 2: Mike has been chosen to be Coatimundi Man
Host segment 3: Crow and Tom capture the mind of Roger Whitaker
End: Crow resigns briefly; while a guest finally arrives at Pearl's party
Stinger: Puma Man is defenestrated


(2/14/1980; 1979; Italy/England; TV-movie; NR; 80m)
a.k.a. THE PUMA MAN (variation)
a.k.a. L'UOMO PUMA (Italy/The Puma Man)
Plot: With the aid of an Aztec Indian, a wimpy paleontologist becomes the even wimpier super-hero Pumaman, who battles a power-hungry madman empowered by a stolen hypnotic mask.

Dir/Sto: Alberto de Martino*
Asst Dir: Joe Pollini (The Cassandra Crossing)
Asst Dir: Claudio Marson
Scr: Massimo De Rita
(Corleone; asst exec dir/502-Hercules)
Scr: Luigi Angelo (The Slasher a.k.a. Bad Girls)
Cin: Mario Vulpiani (Castle Freak; La Lupa)
Ed: Vincenzo Tomassi (Cannibal Holocaust; Killer Crocodile)
SFX: Mauro Grilli
Opt SFX: Mario Bernardo (cin/Hawks and Sparrows)
Spaceship Realizer: Georgio Ferrari (sfx/The Mighty Quinn)
Cos: Mario Giorsi (Hercules Against the Sons of the Sun)
M/U: Stefano Trani (prod asst/The Lonely Lady)
PMgr: Guisseppe Auriemma (The Lonely Lady)
ADir: Antonio Visone (Ursus and the Tartar Princess)
Sound Rec: Mario Morigi (Tradita)
Sound Ed: Michael Billingsley (La Luna)
Sound Eng: Roberto Alberghini (Castle Freak)
Sound Mix Eng: Gianni D'Amico (The Canterbury Tales)
Sound FX: Fernando Caso (Good Morning, Babylon)
Sound FX: Alvaro Gramigna (Good Morning, Babylon)
Score: Renato Serio (Alone in the Dark; Target Eagle)

Prof. Tony Farms a.k.a. Pumaman / Walter George Alton (10)
Dr. Kobras / Donald Pleasence (*501-Warrior of the Lost World)
Vadinho / Miguel Angel Fuentes (703-Deathstalker III; Caveman)
Jane Dobson / Sydne Rome (Sex With A Smile; Wanted: Babysitter)
Rocko? / Silvano Tranquilli (Bad Girls; Castle of Blood)
with Benito Stefanelli (504-Secret Agent Super Dragon)
Guido Lollobrigida (508-Operation Double 007; Kill Johnny Ringo)
Peter Cellier (A Room With A View; The Remains of the Day)
and Jeffrey Coopleston

Classic Line: "I get this way when I sense some sort of danger."

Classic Line: "I'm from the Neanderthal school. Occasionally, my primitive instincts pop up."

Trivia: Also known as Martin Herbert, Albert Martin, and Herbert Martin, director ALBERTO DE MARTINO helmed the production of another MSTed movie, 508-OPERATION DOUBLE 007. He served as producer, director, assistant director, and/or screenwriter for these other movies (most made in Italy or Spain, USA release titles given): 1961-The Minotaur; 1962-The Invincible Gladiator; 1963-Medusa Against the Son of Hercules; 1964-The Triumph of Hercules; 1965-The Spartan Gladiators; 1966-Operation Lady Chaplin; 1968-Dirty Heroes; 1972-Scenes from a Murder; 1974-The Antichrist; 1978-The Chosen; 1982-Blood Link; and 1987-Miami Horror.

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