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Encode Date: 2009-06-23
Length: 01:32:00
Resolution: 720 x 480
Video: MPEG-2
Audio: AC-3, 384 kbps
Source: 1st Gen SP VHS


This is a v2 from the 1993 Turkey Day airing. Look for the Easter egg!

Thanks to Ben for the source tape.



First shown: 12/26/92
Opening: The bots have suggestions for ways they could be improved.
Invention exchange: The Mads have the sillies, beanie chopper, the William Conrad fridge alert
Host segment 1: Craft project: spaceships made from household items
Host segment 2: Tom Servo duplicates himself--many times over!
Host segment 3: A grumpy Hugh Beaumont revisits on the Hexfield
End: Coming out of the robot closet, William Conrad shows up
Stinger: Duplicates cracking up as they choke each other


420 - THE HUMAN DUPLICATORS (1964; NR; 82m)
a.k.a. AGENTE SPAZIALE K.1 (Italy)

Ad: "Made to Kill or Love on Command!!!"

Plot: An alien takes over scientist's human duplicating machine, so an NIA-man saves his blind niece and his country.

Exec: Lawrence Woolner (Mutiny in Outer Space)
Prod/Dir: Hugo Grimaldi (Gigantis; Mutiny in Outer Space;
prod/211-First Spaceship on Venus;
ed/412-Hercules and the Captive Women; 902-The Phantom Planet)
Prod/Scr: Arthur C. Pierce
(dir/scr/104-Women of the Prehistoric Planet; Cyborg 2087)
Cin: Monroe Askins (317-Viking Women and the Sea Serpent)
Ed: Donald Wolfe (902; prod/dir/scr/Savage Intruder)
SFX: Roger George (623-The Amazing Transparent Man)
Cos: Mickey Myers (Night of the Ghouls)
M/U: John Chambers (honorary Oscar/Planet of the Apes)
M/U: Bob Mark (102S-Radar Men from the Moon; Missile Monsters)
Asst Dir/PMgr: Jesse Coralles
ADir: Paul Sylos (104; Maryjane)
Set: Raymond Boltz Jr. (Mutiny in Outer Space)
Sound FX Ed: Robert Reeves
Sound Mixer: Jean Valentine (TV's Live Again, Die Again)
Music Ed: Igo Kantor (ed/104; tech adv/423-Bride of the Monster)
Music Dir: Gordon Zahler (104/211/412/902)

Glenn Martin / George Nader
(*107-Robot Monster; K18-The Million Eyes of Su-Muru)
Gale Wilson / Barbara Nichols*
Dornheimer / George Macready (Alligator People; Gilda)
Lisa / Dolores Faith (902)
Austin Welles / Hugh Beaumont
(*208; 803-The Mole People; TV's Leave It To Beaver)
Lt. Shaw / Richard Arlen (*106-The Crawling Hand; Wings)
Dr. Kolos / Richard Kiel*
Thor / John Indrisano (Ringside Maisie; The Yellow Cab Man)
voice from outer space / Ted Durant (The Night Walker)
with Walter Maslow (K13-SST: Death Flight; The Cosmic Man)
Tommy Leonetti (TV's Gomer Pyle)
Lonnie Sattin
Mel Ruick (Sun Valley Serenade)
Larry Barton (Fuzz; Grand Jury)
Kim Satana
Margot Teele
Alean "Bambi" Hamilton
John Dasten
Bill Hampton (The Hideous Sun Demon)
Andrew Johnson (Blind Date)
Lori Lyons (902)
Benito Prezie
(Two Weeks in Another Town)
Richard Schuyler
(The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler)

Trivia: Born Barbara Nickerauer, character actress and former model BARBARA NICHOLS (1929-1976) always played the wise-cracking blonde with the nasal Brooklyn accent, the tart with repartee, unusual for her time as most blondes were portrayed as vacuous. Some of her films: 1954-River of No Return (with Marilyn Monroe); 1956-The King and Four Queens; 1957-The Pajama Game; 1960-The Scarface Mob; 1961-Where the Boys Are; 1964-The Disorderly Orderly (with Jerry Lewis); 1965-The Loved One (with Jonathan Winters); 1966-The Swinger; 1968-The Power; and 1976-Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood. Nichols had a memorable recurring role of Miss Chickadee on TV's Beverly Hillbillies.

Born in Michigan in 1939, truly huge (7' 2" tall) RICHARD KIEL, who plays the evil Dr. Kolos here, also appears briefly as a pinhead in 411-THE MAGIC SWORD; as the Solarite monster in 902-THE PHANTOM PLANET; and, of course, plays the title role in 506-EEGAH! He's perhaps most famous for playing the maniacal, orthodontically-challenged Jaws in the James Bond flicks The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) and Moonraker (1979). His filmography also includes: 1962-House of the Damned; 1964-Roustabout; 1974-The Longest Yard; 1975-Flash & Firecat; 1976-Silver Streak; 1978-Force 10 from Navarone; Humanoid; They Went That-A-Way; 1981-So Fine; War of the Wizards; 1983-Hysterical; 1984-Cannonball Run II; Mad Mission 3; 1985-Pale Rider; 1990-Think Big; and 1996-Happy Gilmore (with Adam Sadler, ack!). Says Kiel, "My wife is 5' 4" and everybody asks me how we do it."

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CartmanX 30/06/2009 22.39.22
Thank you!
Snelgman 27/06/2009 22.40.06
Eh, I'm probably the only other person who still remembers that, 'cause it helped me learn something new about dvd encoding.
Alleged 27/06/2009 03.32.00
Holy crap, am I ever going to be able to live "Blood Waters" down?
Snelgman 26/06/2009 03.56.40
Um, looks like there's a field order problem, much like what happened to Alleged's original encode of Blood Waters of Dr. Z:

Shouldn't be a problem if you watch your dvds on a TV, but I ususally watch 'em on my computer and thus get the "strobing" effect. No biggie, I can just stick with the v1 encode for now. But I thought you might like to know.
Surreal 24/06/2009 01.32.00
Thanks, WildCelt!  I was in the middle of watching this the other night... Now I will have to get the V2 and give away my V1 smile1.gif
agentcooper 24/06/2009 01.28.14
Well I fell behind on Alleged's three releases, but I'm right on time for this one smile1.gif Thanks Wildcelt for the V2 of one of my favorite episodes & from 1993 turkey day to boot, woot!

Here to hoping you have the time soon to work on extropymine's sources of 101 & 108 smile1.gif