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First shown: 5/21/89.
Opening: Dr. Forrester succeeds in creating cold fusion... in Dr. Erhardt's mouth! Forrester whips out his straw and partakes of the juices running from his partner's gaping maw. Disappointed with the results, they send Joel the movie.
Host segment 1: Crow and Servo receive their weekly humanity lesson from Joel. "Lesson #1: Always say 'please' and 'thank you,' even if you don't really mean it." Things degenerate from there.
Host segment 2: The 1,000th fan club member has signed up: Ms. Gidget Howell! Joel reads a nice letter from her, and demonstrates the proper way to wear the hat she'll receive as a prize.
Host segment 3: Servo reads a fan letter from "Bobby Hodges." The spelling is quite bad, prompting Joel to quip, "Bobby must be a freshman at the University of Minnesota."
End: Another fan letter, this one comparing MST3K (favorably) to other "kiddie shows" of by-gone days.


(6/5/1981; 1980; Canada; PG; 106m)
Plot: In a future where gasoline is scarce and cars outlawed, a former racer and his pal drive his Porsche to unrepressive California.

Exec: Gene Slott (The High Country)
Prod: Fran Rosati (pmgr/TV's Night Visitors)
Prod/Dir/Scr: Martyn Burke
(dir/scr/The Clown Murders; Power Play)
Assoc: William Duffy (actor/The Two Jakes)
Scr/Sto: C.R. O'Christopher
a.k.a. Christopher Crowe (prod/scr/Nightmares)
Scr: Roy Moore (Black Christmas)
Scr: Taylor Sutherland (actor/Freedom Strike)
Cin: Paul Van Der Linden
(King Solomon's Treasure)
Aerial Cin: Clay Lacy (pilot/Dragonslayer)
Ed: Steve Weslak (The Care Bears Movie)
SFX: Tom Fisher (K16-City on Fire; Titanic)
SFX Vid: Michael Lennick (Videodrome)
SFX Vid: David Stringer and Paul Davidson
SFX Cin: James Liles (The Fog; Eyes of Laura Mars)
M/U: Ann Brodie (Used People; Barry Lyndon)
Cos: Mary Jane McCarty (822-Overdrawn at the Memory Bank)
Asst Dir: Don Granberry (Separate Vacations)
Asst Dir: David Coatsworth (exec/TV's Gotti)
Asst Dir: Chris Danton (Deadly Harvest)
Asst Dir: Marlene Puritt (set/TV's TekWar)
PMgr: Joyce Kozy King (Nothing Personal)
ADir: Roy Forge Smith (The House by the Lake; Mrs. Soffel)
Set: Jacques M. Bradette (Millenium)
Set: Jo-Ann Chorney (adir/Street Justice)
Set: Vi Jull
Stunt Coor: Dwayne McLean (The Fly; Johnny Mnemonic)
Sound Ed: Martin Ashbee (dialogue ed/K16)
Sound Ed: Dennis Drummond (sound fx ed/K16)
Sound Ed: Steve Cole (Death Ship)
Sound Ed: David Evans (The Fly; Loose Cannons)
Sound Ed: Ann Heeley-Ray (Nowhere to Hide; Loose Cannons)
Sound Rec: David Appleby (K16; Senior Trip)
Sound Rec: Brian Day (TV's When the Dark Man Calls)
Sound Rec: Don White (Stargate; Other People's Money)
Score: Gil Melle (The Andromeda Strain; Embryo)

Franklyn Hart / Lee Majors*
Ring / Chris Makepeace (Meatballs; My Bodyguard)
Captain J.G. Williams / Burgess Meredith
(K13-SST Death Flight; Rocky; Winterset; TV's Batman)
Eudora / Alexandra Stewart (In Praise of Older Women)
Santana / Diane D'Aquila (Used People; Echoes in the Darkness)
Hawkins / George Touliatos (Prom Night; Heartaches; Firepower)
Morely / Ben Gordon (Nothing Personal; Utilities)
Jud / Harvey Atkin (Silver Streak; Atlantic City; Meatballs)
Fetch / Hugh Webster (Never Cry Wolf; King of the Grizzlies)
Miss Paulston / Deborah Burgess (Curtains; Running)
Mrs. Hart / Trudy Young (Homer; Running; Melanie)
reporter / Moses Znaimer (Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe)
captain / Doug Lennox (The Breaking Point; Police Academy)
soldier in roadblock / Paul Amato (Understudy: Graveyard Shift II)
N.Y. cop / Warren Van Evera (Mrs. Soffel)
Eudora's son / Sammy Sanders (Poltergeist 3; Midnight Run)
soldier at tent / David Stelmack
woman at tent / Glenna Jones (Leo the Last; Flash Gordon)
doctor / Robert Christie (Nothing Personal; The Bloody Brood)
police #1 at school / Wally Bondarenko (Police Academy)
police #2 at school / Chris Cunningham (Gumshoe)
police #1 at Frank's house / Walter Boone (Gas; Visiting Hours)
police at tunnel / John Kennedy
Indian / Ed Jacobs
ringleader / Bill Laliotis

Trivia: Born Harvey Lee Yeary II in 1941 and later married six years to model/actress Farrah Fawcett, actor LEE MAJORS is most recognizable for these roles in three television series: Heath Barkley in "The Big Valley" (1965-69, starring Barbara Stanwyck and Peter Breck); Colonel Steve Austin in "The Six Million Dollar Man" (1973-78, with Richard Anderson); and stuntman Colt Seavers in "The Fall Guy" (1981-86). Majors repeated his Steve Austin character in the spin-off series "The Bionic Woman" (starring Lindsay Wagner) and three TV-movies.

Majors' few feature films include: 1964's Strait-Jacket as the sleeping murder victim in the film's opening; directed by William Castle and starring Joan Crawford; 1968's Will Penny starring Charlton Heston; 1978's The Norseman with Cornel Wilde; Killer Fish with Karen Black; 1980's Steel with Art Carney; 1988's Scrooged starring Bill Murray; and 1997's Trojan War.

His mostly forgettable, non-bionic TV-movies include: 1969's The Ballad of Andy Crocker with Joey Heatherton; 1970's Weekend of Terror; 1975's The Secret of Bigfoot; 1980's High Noon, Part II with David Carradine; 1983's Starflight: The Plane That Couldn't Land with Hal Linden; 1984's The Cowboy and the Ballerina with Anjelica Huston; 1986's A Smoky Mountain Christmas with Dolly Parton; 1988's Danger Down Under; 1989's Keaton's Cop with Abe Vigoda; 1991's Fire! Trapped on the 37th Floor with Lisa Hartman; 1993's The Cover Girl Murders with Jennifer O'Neill; and 1997's Lost Treasure of Dos Santos.

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