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First shown: 1/29/89.
Opening: The Mads are shocked to learn that last week's ratings were the highest ever, a discovery that makes them furious. Dr. F: "What do you expect? We're mad scientists!"
Host segment 1: J&TB enjoy a game of tag, which continues all the way into the theater. [This segment was later re-shot in episode 105- THE CORPSE VANISHES.]
Host segment 2: Servo falls in love with Joel's new blender, but the courtship turns sour when Joel drinks from Servo's girl. Undeterred, Servo flirts with the coffeemaker. [This segment was later recycled, almost word-for-word, in episode 103- MAD MONSTER.]
Host segment 3: In a tribute to Salvador Dali, J&TB practice surrealism. [A similar sketch re-appeared in episode 107- ROBOT MONSTER.]
End: Servo and Joel discuss the Village People. Servo: "I read one of those 'Where are they now?' articles. Turns out one of them's a contruction worker, one of them's a police officer..." The crew ends the show with a "Dating Game"-style goodbye kiss.
Special Notes: In host segment 1, after movie sign is announced, the Bots chase Joel all the way down the corridor leading into the movie theater. It's a neat visual, and one of the few times any special effects were used during the doorway sequence. During the ending segment, Crow discusses what he plans to do in the upcoming week. This segment feels improvised, and it's one of the few times in MST3K's history in which Trace can't think of anything funny to say. It's almost painful to hear him bluff his way through. Three of the host segments from this film were later re-used in Season One shows, making this one of the most heavily-plundered KTMA episodes.


(USA release; 1981; NR; 100m)
a.k.a. ISKUSSTVENNYI CHELOVEK and ANGELY KOSMOSA (original/USSR; two parts; 146m total)
a.k.a. PER ASPERA AD ASTRA (Latin)
Video Ad: "She was created by mankind--
Now she's got to save them!"

Plot: A female alien seeks from Earthlings help
for her polluted planet Dessa.

Prod/USA: Sandy Frank
(K21-Legend of the Dinosaur;
302-Gamera; 304-Gamera Vs. Barugon;
306-Time of the Apes; 308-Gamera Vs. Gaos;
310-Fugitive Alien; 312-Gamera Vs. Guiron;
314-Mighty Jack; 316-Gamera Vs. Zigra;
318-Star Force)
Dir/Scr: Richard Victor a.k.a. Viktorov (Moskva--Kassiopeia)
Scr: Kir Brown a.k.a. Kir Bulychev (Tears Were Falling)
Cin: Aleksandr Rybin (The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin)

alien Niya / Elena Metelkina*
Pyotr / Stan Dvorhetsky a.k.a. Vatslav Dvorzetski (Idiot Dreams)
Klimov / Alexander Lazar a.k.a. Aleksandr Lazarev
(Belated Flowers)
Rakan / Igor Ledogorov (Boys in the Universe)
with Nady Sementsov a.k.a. Nadezhda Sementsova (Kometa)
Vadim Ledogorov (TV's Chernobyl: The Final Warning)
Aleksandr Mikhailov (Rys Vozvrashaetsia; Svobodnoe Padenie)
Uldis Lieldidzh (On the Edge of the Night)
Yelena Fadeyeva (Sons and Mothers)
Gleb Strizhenov (The Last Game; The Optimistic Tragedy)
Nikolai Timofeyev (The Tsar's Bride; Peace to Him Who Enters)
Boris Shcherbakov (The White Crow)
Yevgeny Karelskikh (I Serve at the Border)
Igor Yasulovich (Autumn Temptations)

Trivia: For her performance, ELENA METELKINA (a.k.a. Helen Metelkine and Yelena Metyolkina) won the Silver Asteroid Award at 1982's Trieste International Science Fiction Film Festival. She also appeared in the (Polish?) TV miniseries "Gostya Iz Buduschego" a.k.a. "Guest from the Future".

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