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with short: "CENTURY 21 CALLING"
First shown: 6/13/98
Opening: Tom's kissing booth
Intro: Pearl's officing fails
Host segment 1: Mike's the kid from the short! Bonk!
Host segment 2: M&TB's model rocket; Pearl has a space program
Host segment 3: Crow lashes out with Jackie Coogan fashions
End: The peace loving blob visits; Pearl's space program has a problem
Stinger: Dead Professor


Info from Daddy O's Drive-In Dirt (

906 - THE SPACE CHILDREN (1958; NR; 69m)
a.k.a. LES ENFANTS DE ESPACE (Belgium)
Shown with Short: Century 21 Calling...

Plot: Concerned about the imminent Earth launching of an armed satellite, an alien uses its telepathic powers to control the children of military scientists.

Prod: William Alland (*801-Revenge of the Creature; 803-The Mole People; 804-The Deadly Mantis; L02-This Island Earth; Tarantula)
Dir: Jack Arnold (801/L02; Creature from the Black Lagoon)
Asst Dir: Richard Caffey (St. Louis Blues)
Scr: Bernard C. Schoenfeld (411-Magic Sword; Oscar nom/Caged)
Sto: Tom Filer (scr/Beast with 1,000,000 Eyes)
Cin: Ernest Laszlo (414-Tormented; won Oscar/Ship of Fools)
Ed: Terry O. Morse (Robinson Crusoe on Mars)
SFX: John P. Fulton (Vertigo; won Oscar/The Ten Commandments)
Process Photography: Farciot Edouart
(523-Village of the Giants; won Oscars/Reap the Wild Wind, etc.)
M/U: Wally Westmore (*523; Robinson Crusoe on Mars)
PDes: Hal Pereira (won Oscar/The Rose Tattoo)
PDes: Roland Anderson (Oscar nom/Breakfast at Tiffany's)
Set: Sam Comer (won Oscar/Samson and Delilah; The Rose Tattoo)
Set: Frank McKelvey (The Hindenberg; Oscar nom/Earthquake)
Sound Rec: Charles Grenzbach (523; Houseboat)
Sound Rec: Philip Wisdom (Road to Utopia)
Score: Nathan Van Cleave (TV's The Twilight Zone)

Bud Brewster / Michel Ray (Lawrence of Arabia; The Tin Star)
David Brewster / Adam Williams (North by Northwest; Vice Squad)
Anne Brewster / Peggy Webber (912-The Screaming Skull)
Ken Brewster / Johnny Crawford (523; TV's The Rifleman)
Hank Johnson / Jackie Coogan*
Eadie Johnson / Sandy Descher (The Last Time I Saw Paris; Them!)
Lt. Col. Manley / Richard Shannon (The Seven Little Foys)
Tim Gamble / Johnny Washbrook (TV's My Friend Flicka)
Dr. Wahrman / Raymond Bailey*
Joe Gamble / Russell Johnson (*L02; TV's Gilligan's Island)
Freida Johnson / Vera Marshe (414; The Blue Dahlia)
Peg Gamble / Jean Engstrom (Voodoo Island)
Buster / Alan Roberts (Dinosaurus; Two Loves)
George / Louis Towers (The Ride Back)
Helen / Gloria Anne Halper
Major Thomas / Larry Pennell*
doctor / John Morley (Chicago Confidential; The Abductors)
Security Officer James / Peter Baldwin
(I Married A Monster From Outer Space)
truck driver / Leo Needham (Battle Taxi)
na / Ty Hungerford (I Married A Monster From Outer Space)
Wahrman's teenage son / David Blair (When Time Ran Out)
Phyllis Manley / Eilene Janssen (517-Beginning of the End)
communications tech / James Douglas (G.I. Blues; Time Limit)
na / Howard Joslin (Sunset Boulevard; The Country Girl)
Sgt. Cooper / Mike Mahoney (Rear Window; War of the Worlds)
reporter Dan Wicks / Sid Tomack (The Lemon Drop Kid)
reporter Richard Lloyd / Ray Walker (The Atomic Kid)

Classic Line: "A man of science is like a deep sea diver. He musn't be afraid to walk down where it's dark and frightening, in the hopes of scooping up a handful of truth."

Trivia: You may think Shirley Temple
(or Macaulay Culkin, if you're really young)
was the first child star, but...hard to was JACKIE COOGAN! Decades later famous for playing Uncle Fester on TV's "The Addams Family," four year old Jackie Coogan was spotted by Charlie Chaplin, famed comedic actor and director, who put Jackie in several films and quickly made him one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. Coogan's early movies include: 1919's A Day's Pleasure; 1921's The Kid starring and directed by Chaplin; Peck's Bad Boy; 1923's Daddy; 1924's Little Robinson Crusoe; 1930's Tom Sawyer; and 1931's Huckleberry Finn.

Later in 1935 with his film career lagging, Jackie tried hold to get some of the millions he earned, but the cash was in control of his stepfather/business manager. Coogan sued, but won only $126,000, because the courts said he no rights to money earned as a child. An outraged public spurred the passing of the landmark "Child Actors Bill," sometimes referred to as "The Coogan Act," which required trust funds to protect children's earnings. The law protects child stars' and their earnings to this day.

Besides a brief marriage to the beautiful WWII pin-up Betty Grable, Coogan (1914-1984) managed to land mostly supporting roles in another 50 movies, including: 1939's Million Dollar Legs starring Grable; 1947's Kilroy Was Here with former child star Jackie Cooper; 1953's very cheesy Mesa of Lost Women; 1957's The Joker Is Wild starring Frank Sinatra; 1958's High School Confidential with Mamie Van Doren; 1959's The Big Operator (again with Mamie); The Beat Generation (Mamie again); 1960's Sex Kittens Go to College (more Mamie); 1969's Marlowe with James Garner, but not Mamie; and 1980's Human Experiments. Coogan guest-starred in a lot of cheesy TV shows too: "The Brady Bunch"; "The Patridge Family"; "Family Affair;" and even "The Munsters"!

Now on to Raymond Bailey...
Since he wasn't wearing his toupee, you may not have immediately recognized character actor RAYMOND BAILEY (1905-1980) in this movie, but once you heard that knew you were hearing the actor who played Milburn Drysdale on TV's "Beverly Hillbillies." Bailey's done an impressive amount of quality TV shows, among them: "The Twilight Zone"; "Alfred Hitchcock Presents"; "The Untouchables"; and "Perry Mason." His movies include: 1939's Hell's Kitchen with Ronald Reagan; Made For Each Other starring Jimmy Stewart and Carole Lombard; 1942's The Male Animal with Henry Fonda; 1955's Tarantula with John Agar and directed by Jack Arnold; 1957's The Incredible Shrinking Man (again by Arnold); 1958's Vertigo (again with Stewart, directed by Hitchcock); 1958's King Creole starring Elvis Presley; and 1961's The Absent-Minded Professor with Fred MacMurray.

Handsome LARRY PENNELL is another MSTed actor with a "Beverly Hillbillies" connection. On that show, he played actor Dash Riprock a.k.a. Homer Noodleman, who was forced to court Elly May by Mr. Drysdale. (Of course, Dash soon became fond of Elly May). Pennell's been a guest star on such TV shows as: "The Big Valley"; "Gunsmoke"; "Mission: Impossible"; "Little House on the Prairie"; "Magnum P.I."; and "Quantum Leap." Besides some TV-movie appearances, his feature films include: 1955's Seven Angry Men with Raymond Massey; 1959's The FBI Story starring James Stewart; 1970's The Great White Hope with James Earl Jones; 1970's City Beneath the Sea with Robert Wagner and Richard Basehart; 1982's Personal Best with Mariel Hemingway; 1992's Mr. Baseball starring Tom Selleck; and 1994's Prehysteria 2.

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