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This is a v2 from the 1993 Turkey Day airing. Look for the Easter egg!

Thanks to Ben for the source tape.



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First shown: 9/12/92
Opening: Gypsy wants to watch the movie and Joel agrees
Invention exchange: The lawn baby, the womb-mate
Host segment 1: “Good-natured” brawling
Host segment 2: Crow’s “history” of Hercules
Host segment 3: The bots’ lame Hercules action figure
End: Laying the Hercules movies to rest, letter, Frank being chased by mower
Stinger: “Hercules! Help me!”

• This is a sneaky episode. I remember not liking it and thinking it’s the least funny of the sword-and-sandal outings, but on this viewing I warmed to it quite a bit. And I’d forgotten that it includes the classic line: “Today is dedicated to Uranus.”
• And I’d also forgotten that this is the landmark episode in which Gypsy watches a portion of the movie along with J&tB. Joel’s confidence in Gypsy is admirable, but let’s note for the record that, sadly, Crow and Tom’s instincts were correct. Gypsy is not down with the street.
• As we tune into Deep 13, Frank is noisily singing the “I sing whenever I sing whenever I sing” song from “Giant Gila Monster.”
• Joel says “Zatharatu” when he means to say Zarathustra. They keep going.
• Despite all the hoopla to the contrary, this is NOT the last of the Hercules movies.
• As Tom sagely notes: “This would really be exciting if I knew what was goin’ on.” All the excitement about Gypsy in the theater takes place when the movie tries to set up the plot, with the result that I never did really figure out what the heck is going on in this movie. Part of it has to do with the strange plot break that takes place after the first commercial. Before the commercial, there are portents of danger and Herc is tossin’ thrones around. After the break, Herc wakes up on a ship and everybody is smirking silently at him. The heck? Then there’s something about Atlantis and girls inn rocks and I don’t know what all.
• Does this story resemble any actual ancient tale? Was there ever a King Androcles (with or without a lion)?
• Gypsy’s riff: “They’re steam-cleaning the horses!” delights J&tB. Eh, not bad. Of her few riffs, I actually like “Oh, they’ve got a fun friend” better.
• By my count, Gypsy lasts 5 and a half minutes. Sheesh, Gypsy, these sword-and-sandal things are among the more watchable movies MST did! What a lightweight!
• Gypsy exits left. A few other chracters have exited or entered this way. Where does that exit lead? And how do they eat and breathe?
• Firesign Theatre reference: “…The Golden Hind”
• Crow falls apart almost immediately during the good-natured brawling. Trace rolls with it brilliantly.
• I never noticed before that, a couple of times, they do a needle drop on that musical sting that I think was originally composed for “This Island Earth” and that I’ve heard in a lot of Universal movies.
• Crow goes a bit overboard with the “I have my rights! It was Callahan!” bit. (For those who don’t know, it’s a reference to the movie “Dirty Harry.”) He does it five times by my count, practically every time the little guy in the movie has a line.
• Callback: “Hurry, Diana!” (Undersea Kingdom)
• My copy, from 1995, included the little “facts” about the movie as the commercial breaks ended. Two of them are only tangentally related to this movie–they discuss other actors who also played Hercules. Thin gruel.
• That’s Frank as the voice of the action figure when he says “I’m so sleepy…” but the final comment is by Mike. Wonder why they didn’t just have one of them do all the comments?
• Fave riff: Dear lord, the canary exploded!

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WildCelt 04/03/2009 23.17.45
Actually, I just noticed this is from Turkey Day 1993, not 1995.
D-Fish 04/03/2009 07.21.04
Sweet!  Thanks, Wildcelt for this v.2!  I can't wait to discover the Easter Egg!  I hope it doesn't smell like boiled eggs that have been left in the sun, like most Easter Eggs!  Weeee!
WildCelt 04/03/2009 06.54.05
Hagabard 04/03/2009 05.38.58
Filename has been fixed, carry on.
Hagabard 03/03/2009 23.32.51
Mmmm, v2s.  And we will have to fix the filename on this one too, so be advised.
FookingA 03/03/2009 11.48.29
Okay, you twisted my arm... I'll get this one too.

Thanks, Alle.... wait a minute! wink.gif

Thanks, WildCelt!
Impr3ssion 03/03/2009 11.33.01
Surprisingly, 12 years have passed and we are without flying cars AND walls of keyboards.

However, WildCelt is still awesome.
Alleged 03/03/2009 08.55.01
By "12 years" what I really meant was 27 days.
Snelgman 03/03/2009 07.17.40
Well that was slightly less than 12 years wink.gif
Is that, in fact, a new speed record for a v2 release?