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First shown: 9/26/98
Opening: Crow's in the shop, but the loaner Crow has a radio!
Intro: Worried about a lack of results in her experiment, Pearl trades places with Mike!
Host segment 1: Pearl completes her observations, while Mike, Bobo and Observer enjoy a guy's night.
Host segment 2: The Sir Thomas "Neville" Servo Consort of the Middle Ages Just After the Plague Singers performs an ancient Air on a Delta Knight.
Host segment 3: Leonardo Da Vinci visits, and he's a good fella.
End: The bots mourn the loss of Pearl; the annual Delta Knights Pancake Breakfast is a success.
Stinger: Even his co-star is embarrassed by Mr. "I'm Coming!!"


(1993; PG; 97m)
Plot: Who will find the lost storehouse of Atlantis orphaned boy and his goodly Delta Knight companion...or the evil knight following the orders of his equally evil queen?

Exec/Scr: Redge Mahaffey (Deadly Rivals)
Prod: Reonne Haslett (Deadly Rivals)
Prod/Dir/Cin: James Dodson (Deadly Rivals)
Ed: Karen Lee Smith (Deadly Rivals)
Cos: Arynne Elfenbein
PMgr: Rana Joy Glickman (prod/Sleep With Me)
PDes: Rodney Sheriff (also actor)
ADir: Richard Malerba
Score: Carl Schurtz (Life 101; The Last Road)
Score: Herman Beeftink (Erotic Confessions 2)

Lord Vultare and Raydoor / David Warner*
Tee / Corbin Allred*
Leonardo / David Kriegel (Leaving Las Vegas; Speed)
Thena / Brigid Conley Walsh a.k.a. Brigid Brannagh
(The Wrong Guys; TV's Roar; Sliders)
The Mannerjay / Olivia Hussey (Romeo and Juliet; Psycho IV)
Madam Maaydeed / Sarah Douglas (Superman I & II)
Wamthool / Richard Kind (TV's Mad About You)
Jaamteer / Peter Sands (TV's Norma Jean and Marilyn)
Fantle / Stephen Gregory Foster (Die Hard 2)
incense merchant / Robert Miano (Donnie Brasco; Overkill)
Rando / Sam Fontana (TV's Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos)
auctioneer / Edward Ivory (Nine Months; Rampage)
huge man / Chuck L. Hilbert (Nincompoop; TV's Kiss Shot)
old woman / Priscilla Alden (Nine Months; Crazy Fat Ethel II)
Anreonne / Veronica Bird (Life 101)
Zula / Terry Michaels
Mannerjay's aide / Robert Feero (THX113cool1.gif
Mannerjay's scribe / Alexandra Martin (Sister Act 2)
black spy / Don Pedro Colley (THX113cool1.gif
Archimedes / George Maguire (The Game; Leonard Part 6)
centurian / Franc A. Ross
Polos / Dixon Troyer
ale man / Rodney Sheriff (also pdes)
program man / John Brebner (Nincompoop; Village of the Damned)
pretzel man / Jack James (Hedd Wyn)
caravan leader and henchman / Thomas E. Draper
henchman / Solter F. Godoy
henchman / Jose Ignacio Alvarez (stunts/Solarbabies)
Tee's mother / Melinda Skilondz (prod coor/Sleep with Me)
old man / Normand Provost
Wamthool's apprentice / Kent Johnson
young boy / Joshua F. Smith
searched woman / Janis Schiffner
serving wench / Todi
henchman / Guy Smith
henchman / Rana Joy Glickman (Female Perversions; also pmgr)

Trivia: Born in 1941, DAVID WARNER became most recognizable to the world, when he appeared in 1997's blockbuster Titanic as Spicer Lovejoy, Leonardo DiCaprio's nemesis. Prior to Titanic, he had already made over 100 films and TV-movies, including: 1963's Tom Jones starring Albert Finney; 1966's Morgan! with Vanessa Redgrave; 1968's A Midsummer's Night Dream with Diana Rigg and Judi Dench; 1971's Straw Dogs starring Dustin Hoffman and directed by Sam Peckinpah; 1973's A Doll's House with Jane Fonda; 1976's The Omen with Gregory Peck; 1979's Time After Time as Jack the Ripper; 1979's S.O.S. Titanic with David Janssen; 1981's Time Bandits starring Sean Connery and Michael Palin; 1981's The French Lieutenant's Woman starring Meryl Streep; 1983's The Man with Two Brains with Steve Martin and directed by Carl Reiner; 1989's Star Trek V and 1991's Star Trek IV; 1995's In the Mouth of Madness with Sam Neill and directed by John Carpenter; 1997's Scream 2; and 1999's Wing Commander. Warner's voice can be heard on these animated TV series: "Batman, the Animated Series"; "Gargoyles"; "Freakazoid!"; and "Toonsylvania".

Child actor (born in 1979) CORBIN ALLRED did some guest appearances on the TV series "Saved by the Bell" and "Step by Step", before making QUEST OF THE DELTA KNIGHTS. He achieved teeny-bopper popularity, starring on the show "Teen Angel". Other credits for this young actor are: 1993's Robin Hood: Men in Tights directed by Mel Brooks; 1995's the Josh Kirby, Time Warrior video series; the 1996 TV-movies Blue Rodeo and My Son Is Innocent.

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