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Description Authored By: Alleged
Encode Date: 2009-03-05
Length: 01:32:00
Resolution: 720 x 480
Video: MPEG-2
Audio: AC-3, 256 kbps
Source: 1st Gen EP VHS

About 10 seconds or so lost due to poor commercial edits, but otherwise a good encode.  Let's all sing the Sandy Frank song, won't you?



First shown: 7/13/91
Opening: It's baseball season on the SOL!
Invention exchange: Cellulite phone, miracle baby growth formula
Host segment 1: Why doesn't Johnny care?
Host segment 2: "Inherit the Wind" revisited
Host segment 3: Ape fashion minute
End: The Sandy Frank song, letter, Baby pushes the button
Stinger: "Johnny, you be careful." "I don't care!"


(USA video release; 1974; Japan; NR; 98m)
a.k.a. SARU NO GUDAN (original TV series/Japan)
a.k.a. THE APES CORPS (Japan)
a.k.a. ARMY OF THE APES (8/8/1997 Japanese video release)
Plot: A plot device transports a woman and two kids to a time when apes rule.

Prod: Mataichi Takahashi; and Masashi Tadakuma
Prod/USA: Sandy Frank
Dir: Atsuo Okunaka (TV's Kamen Rider V3)
Dir: Kiyosumi Fukazawa
Scr: Keiiche Abe (310-Fugitive Alien; 318-Star Force)
Sto: Sakyo Komatsu (Tidal Wave; Virus)
Sto: Kouji Tanaka and Aritsune Toyoda
Cin: Yoshihiro Mori (314-Mighty Jack)
Ed/USA: William L. Cooper Jr. (314)
Score: Toshiaki Tsushima (K00-The Green Slime)

Reiko Tokunaga
Hiroko Saito
Masaaki Kaji
Wataru Omae (213-Godzilla Vs. the Sea Monster; Mothra)
Tetsuya Ushido
Baku Hatakeyama
Kazue Takita
Noboru Nakaya (Lonely Lane; Whirlpool of Woman)
Hitoshi Omae (Futari; Ashita)
Hiroyuki Kawase (212-Godzilla Vs. Megalon)

Classic Line: "I don't care!"

Trivia: An interesting scene, which was edited out of the MST version, has our heroes boarding the empty, but very colorful spaceship.

Last Updated: 6/21/1999

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hsauertieg 01/04/2011 11.36.56
Too much fun.  Torture.  Classic.
Lucasm 24/04/2009 05.27.35
Thank you so much for this!  One of my faves, which it will be nice to see all nice and sparkly.  smile1.gif
handsomeboy 08/03/2009 02.48.36
Sweet nectar.

You guys have been disgustingly on point.

There's nowhere to go but up.

Keep on.
Crocolyle 07/03/2009 12.49.41
"Anybody have tapes they want to send of quality 1st gen sources tapes contact a DAP encoder close to you!"

Already done...just waiting to see if it makes the cut! smile1.gif

Thanks for 306!  Truly, a watershed event.

murph25 07/03/2009 10.17.43
I don't care.
Impr3ssion 07/03/2009 03.07.56
<breaks into tears of joy>

We truly live in amazing times. The real world economy may be shot, but the economy of the DAP is constantly on the rise.
D-Fish 07/03/2009 01.15.16
Absolutely amazing, Alleged!  This episode desperately needed the DVD treatment and you made it happen.  To me, this is a quintessential episode.  Back when this one first aired, I knew this one was an instant classic!  Its going to be sad if Shout Factory is unable to get any of the Sandy Frank classics put out on commercial DVD, but if that day never comes, we will have Alleged to thank for all this Sandy Frank goodness.  Keep crank them out, Alleged, because your hard work is greatly appreciated.

"It's a monkey mime..."
FookingA 07/03/2009 00.12.39
Sholy hit!

Thanks, Alleged!
agentcooper 06/03/2009 23.46.40
Thanks so much Alleged! Now only 14 more to go....

0101 The Crawling Eye
0108 The Slime People
0110 Robot Holocaust
0111 Moon Zero Two
0112 Untamed Youth
0113 The Black Scorpion
0205 Rocket Attack USA (in progress)
0308 Gamera Vs. Gaos
0313 Earth Vs. The Spider
0314 Mighty Jack
0323 The Castle Of Fu-Manchu
0520 Radar Secret Service
0522 Teenage Crime Wave
0621 The Beast Of Yucca Flats

We are getting so close I can taste it (mmmmmmm) Anybody have tapes they want to send of quality 1st gen sources tapes contact a DAP encoder close to you! only you can prevent forest fires.
giofav 06/03/2009 22.19.16
Thanks! This is one i have been waiting for a long time!!
darkflounder 06/03/2009 11.55.55
ty2007 06/03/2009 11.45.43
Dude! You Rock!
Experiment 306 is one of my favorites.  I appreciate you doing this
Snelgman 06/03/2009 11.26.51
Rock on, my brother.