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First shown: 12/3/94
Opening: Playing D&D
Intro: For the Mads' new neighbors from Deep 12, M&TB present topical comedy show: "Supercalifragilisticexpeali-wacky!"
Host segment 1: "A joke by Ingmar Bergman"
Host segment 2: M&TB reenact the table cloth making scene
Host segment 3: Ilya Murametz visits on the Hexfield
End: Gypsy's review of the musical, The Mads are full of themselves!
Stinger: The wind demon takes a dive


(USA title; November 1960; 1956; USSR; NR; 81m)
a.k.a. ILYA MOUROMETZ (original/USSR)
a.k.a. ILYA MOUROMETS (original/variation)
a.k.a. ILYA MUROMETS (original/variation)
a.k.a. ILYA MOUROMEZ (original/variation)
Ad: "Eye-Filling Spectacle! Man Against Monsters!"

Ad: "A cast of 106,000! 11,000 horses!"

Plot: A Russian hero leads the fight against invading Mongol Tugars and their three-headed dragon.

Prod/USA: Joseph Harris
Prod/USA: Sig Shore (Superfly)
Prod/Dir: Aleksandr Ptushko
(dir/*422-The Day The Earth Froze;
505-The Magic Voyage of Sinbad)
Scr: Michala Kochnev
Cin: Fyodor Provorov (505; The Stone Flower)
Cin: Yuli Kun (Life in Bloom)
Ed: M. Kuzmina (The First Date)
Ed/USA: Verna Fields (won Oscar/Jaws)
SFX Dir: Aleksei Renkov (422)
Cos: Olga Kruchinina (505; Scarlet Sails)
PDes: Yevgeni Kumankov
(School of Courage; adir/505)
Music Conductor: S. Sakharov (422)
Score: Igor Morozov (422; Scarlet Sails)

Ilya Muromets* / Boris Andreyev (The Last Hill)
Prince / Andrei Abrikosov (Alexander Nevsky; Ivan the Terrible)
Princess / Natalya Medvedeva (Diary of a School Director)
Vilya / Yelena Myshkova (505; The Magic Weaver)
Kalin / Shukur Burkhanov (TV's Rali)
voice of Kalin / Paul Frees (319-War of the Colossal Beast;
804-The Deadly Mantis; dir/scr/415-The Beatniks)
Alexai / Sergei Stolyarov (505; Heroes of the Sea)
Sokolnishec / Aleksandr Shvorin (Letyat Zhuravli; Sky Calls)
Mika / Sovol Martinson a.k.a. Sergei Martinson (505; The Idiot)
Durbar Muromets / Georgi Dyomin
Tugar dancer / Au-Son-Hi
English narrator / Mike Wallace (TV's 60 Minutes)
with Iya Arepina (A Big Family)
Mikhail Pugovkin (School of Courage)
Muratek Ryskulov (Andrei Rublyov)
Vladimir Solovyov (No Ordinary Summer)
V. Tyagushchyov (Scarlet Sails)
Sh. Tyumenbayev
S. Dzhamanov
N. Gladkov (Flames on the Volga)

Trivia: The character ILYA MUROMETS reportedly is an actual Russian hero of the 11th Century. One source says that this movie was originally shot in 3-D.

Last Updated: 6/26/1999

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nicuii 14/04/2010 13.35.35
Ah, the enjoyment of a Tugar pile-up.
Seriad 11/07/2008 05.46.47
Another high quality episode. I appreciate all the effort you folks have made.
dixielandjazz 11/04/2008 21.10.37
Thank you! Wonderful quality, and it downloaded so quickly! This is a great surprise to me, as DAP is my only p2p experience. Much easier than the Donkey!
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Cheers very much indeedy!
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Thank you.  Much appreciated.
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agentcooper 06/04/2008 00.27.15
Insane, another MST3K DAP-DVD smile1.gif
Alleged as always you rock!


P.S. This episode has some of the best host segments IMO
Gummo 05/04/2008 23.18.51
What  a treat!  Thanks!
axvid 05/04/2008 11.08.24
Thanks buddy -- can't wait to see this!
walkingdork 05/04/2008 07.45.32
Man, you are on a role!! Thanks!
banani 05/04/2008 05.46.56
My day and weekend were just made.  Thank you!
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Cool! Great! Thanks!