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Description Here it is, at long last, KTMA00 Green Slime with introduction by none other than Joel Hodgson.  This footage was captured at a Q&A at Archon 32 in October of 2008.  

Authored By: Tarantulas
Encode Date: 2008-10-07
Length: 00:18:16
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MST3K - K00 - 20081007 - Green Slime (with introduction by Joel Hodgson).avi 125.85 MB
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daxzia 21/05/2015 16.12.57
lost my collection a few months ago and am so grateful for you all to still be kicking and alive. thank you. now have a long ways to go but there is hope now, thanks
sparky5982 14/10/2009 08.45.52
New here, but wanted to thank Tarantulas for helping to keep the community alive.
eegah 27/07/2009 06.07.33
Well, yeah. I wasn't complaining; I just wanted to verify that Joel cut down the movie segments (which seems to be the case). Even if he did, having all the host segments is still fabulous.

And thanks for filming this.
Tarantulas 26/07/2009 04.54.09
It's as complete as any fan has out there.
eegah 18/07/2009 06.15.38
This is awesome! I'm a little bit disappointed, though, because it looks to me like they cut out almost all of the movie segments. I realize that they didn't riff the whole movie, but there seemed to be cuts in the middle of the movie segments, the MST3K Picture Archive has a screenshot of Joel in front of the movie title, and I had previously heard that this was 30 minutes long, not 14-15. Can anyone confirm whether this is or isn't complete?
skeezmo 24/06/2009 05.27.16
ikaros 27/04/2009 12.03.08
Why, it's the greatest thing in TV history since... well, since MST3K.
daxzia 20/01/2009 22.39.00
my precious....
lsasser 07/01/2009 10.16.48
The MST3K Holy Grail, for me anyway. Thanks.
farssemailyahoocom 23/11/2008 01.31.31
profnutbunny 22/11/2008 06.34.03
Wowie Zowie. I think i just soiled myself a bit.
kyroslavell 20/11/2008 05.16.24
thanks very much!!!!
mst3klover 20/10/2008 05.32.21
Amazing... Just amazing guy's.
captainwrong 18/10/2008 08.57.13
ROCK AND ROLL. Wow! Thanks! grin.gif
JayTor2112 16/10/2008 20.48.36
Very cool.  Is there any chance of a full DVD release of this one in the future?
fongool 13/10/2008 00.22.03
Color me ditto!
Though, I knew we'd see this sooner or later. Way back when MST went off the air, Jim Mallon mentioned in an interview that he personally had master backups of every episode. I'm just surprised it took this long!

Thanks Tarantulas! You rawk!

PS: So, what does this mean, there's only TWO episodes left that don't exist in collector's hands in some form? (K01, K02) SO close... So close...

PPS: WTF is wrong with the comment entry field??? Until I hit "preview" I was typing into a box that was one letter wide and infinitely tall...
hedorah 12/10/2008 02.40.17
Amazing, never thought I would get to see this. THANK YOU!
dixielandjazz 11/10/2008 11.30.05
Interesting, thanks!  Nice to see the bits that weren't on the MST scrapbook video.
D-Fish 11/10/2008 05.07.32
Many big thanks, Tarantulas.  I haven't had a chance to watch this, but I really appreciate you providing this nice piece of MST3k history.  I mostly wanted to give you thanks because I was just over on the MST3k Discussion board and everybody was b!tching and complaining about torrents and that this wasn't the whole episode and whatever else they could complain about and it made me mad.  It's FREE, for God's sake people, and DAP tracker is the best thing to happen to MST3k collectors.  Thanks again for providing this and just know that this MSTie is really happy and grateful for this wonderful slice of MST3k history and all the work done by you and other DAP contributors.
vanadium 10/10/2008 12.29.19
Freakin' awesome!
WarriorBond 10/10/2008 07.55.09
I honestly cannot believe I'm about to have a copy of this, it's just one of those things you've resigned yourself to believing you'll never have so much that you stopped caring about it.  And now, here it is!!!
BEERxTaco 10/10/2008 04.11.10
Good Job Tarantulas! Now get to work on those tapes I gave you a year and a half ago, lol!
BEERxTaco 10/10/2008 04.01.25
Good Job Tarantulas! Now get to work on those tapes I gave you a year and a half ago, lol!
Surreal 10/10/2008 02.51.20
Holy Schnikies, I didn't believe it still existed.  I can't believe the video looked that good, no less re-recorded by a camera.

Oh yeah - Joel looks like a hippie with that hair.  Especially when you compare it to his hair now.

Did I mention Awesome, and thanks?  Awesome, and thanks.
YiddishSoul 10/10/2008 00.26.38
Holy cow! Holy cow. Tarantulas is a superhero!
Hagabard 09/10/2008 22.32.41
Awesome! I would expect this to be one of the most downloaded releases here, ever. The raw capture for this I believe was some 12GB, and the quality is amazing at this level of compression. It is short because the movie itself was not really riffed, but it showed off the host segments, the bots, and the tunnel sequence. Well worth the download for any fan of the show. Again, thank you so much for sharing this!
jewishcarpenter 09/10/2008 15.58.17
God bless us... everyone!
utkrackersax8 09/10/2008 12.32.01
Just waiting my turn to download so I can enjoy this too.  Thanks for all the work you do!
walk 09/10/2008 10.53.10
d4rk 09/10/2008 07.10.50
This is some amazing stuff right here. I never thought I'd see this.
LawGiver 09/10/2008 06.35.26
I second that "Holy crap!" comment!  Blessings be upon you!
Snelgman 09/10/2008 04.50.06
Tossing another "Wow!" and another "Thanks!" onto the pile.
IcyFlamez 09/10/2008 04.45.31
i thought i would never see this. seriously, thanks so much.
starz 09/10/2008 04.43.15
Let me be the third to say THANK YOU!
SCSnare 09/10/2008 03.44.29
Holy crap! Thank you!
olso2635 09/10/2008 03.15.56